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New Street Station

New Street Station

Hey everyone!

I am pretty sure that most of you know at least a little bit about today’s topic since it is one of the most central and busiest places in Birmingham. What I would like to talk about today is the Birmingham New Street railway station.

Most of you have probably been to the station as travellers getting into Birmingham from the airport or other locations in the UK. Some of you might even use a train every day to get to work or to come from their hometown to go to uni. So I guess pretty much everyone is familiar with New Street station as a train station. But did you know that New Street station has much more to offer than just departures and arrivals?

Let’s talk about some facts first. Birmingham New Street railway station is the biggest and busiest railway station in Birmingham with an annual passenger usage of 43.7 million. The station as you see it today was opened in September 2015 after being rebuilt and renovated several times over the last few decades.

After giving you those facts, let’s take a look at the other side to New Street station. This side is mainly represented on the first floor of the station, which is named Grand Central. You can find restaurants and cafés with delicacies from all over the world. One of my favourites is Mowgli Street Food with its delicious Indian curries, or for all the cat lovers, there is the Kitty Café. A good thing for you might just be strolling around the upper floor and finding one place that suits you the best.

Apart from cafés and restaurants, there is also a variety of shops and boutiques in case some of you are still looking for a Christmas gift for your loved ones. Whatever your reason might be, I can highly recommend giving it a try and discover some new places to eat, shop or just spend your free time.



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