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Three tips to make the most of your university experience

Three tips to make the most of your university experience

Hello, hello, hello, everyone!!!

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and I assume you are preparing for your Christmas holidays as well as I am. Although I must say that I am going to be quite busy completing two assignments for January.

This week I would like to give you three tips for making the most of your university experience, to succeed academically.

1. Did you know the library is open until midnight?

This is one of my favourite facilities that the university offers to all students as it gives us a bit more time to enjoy the nice environment you can find in the library to complete your assignment.

If you are like me and you would like things done and ticked off, maybe the library will help you meet your deadlines. Here are some tricks which will ease your way around the library:

To start off, in case you find it hard to search for books, it’s very simple. Every corridor has a guided number and a topic which tells you the types of books you will find in each corridor. When you look for a specific book you need to make sure you have the full reference of the book – you may find this on the bottom corner of the side of the book. This code consists of letters and numbers and with them, you will be able to find the book you are looking for, as they are on order using the numbers.

Another facility of the library is that you can find lots of spaces where you can sit and complete your assignment. There are also computers for students to use so that you don’t need to carry your laptop around.

Another useful thing is your subject librarian. If you are not aware of who your librarian is, you can find out by logging in to your Portal, entering your library and you will find how to contact them.  This person will help you a lot and will guide your reading.

2. Asking our lecturers/seminar teachers/anyone related with our assignments for help

I understand that sometimes it’s hard to ask, due to the amount of people in your class, or you might be like me in that I want to try everything by myself. But all teachers are there to help, and it’s good to ask, as in this way we can enhance our assignments.

3. Did you know that team work could improve your assignments?

Working in groups allows you to share the work between others, which will decrease the pressure and stress. Also, it will help you overcome barriers and even make new friends. Helping others makes us feel good, so why not help others while you are also helping yourself?

I hope you find these tips useful and they help you make the most out of uni. But remember to always have a balance and take some breaks to enjoy the other side of the student experience. It’s not all about studying, even though that’s the most important part.

“Just keep swimming”. – Finding Nemo, Walt Disney.


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