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Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Hello again!

I hope you’re looking forward to the festive winter holidays!

I know a lot of people might find this time of year a little bit hard to handle so I thought I could write some support 🙂 I hope it helps…

The “Winter Blues” is a seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and affects about 2 million people in Great Britain. It can make you feel as though you don’t have much energy and make you feel low. To prevent the “Winter Blues”, you can do the following 5 wonderful things:

Stay active

Keeping active is a vital part of keeping you happy during winter. Doing exercise in the morning will motivate you, wake you up and make you feel like you can conquer the day! If you think you’re too tired to be running around in the morning, you could just do some stretches, yoga and meditation to boost your energy. There are some sports clubs which you can join at UCB, just visit the UCB Guild website 😉 You will not only stay active, you will also meet some great friends who will motivate you! As well as joining clubs at uni, there are a couple of apps you can download called Couch to 5k and Active 10!

Eat healthily

This may seem like a lot to think about but nowadays people have made this so much easier for you! There’s an app you can download called the Change for Life App! It was developed to help you keep track of the food you eat daily and gives you meal plans and recipes as well as daily exercise routines. The NHS also has a quiz you can take online called One You! It will ask you a few questions regarding how you feel, what you eat and how much exercise you get. It will then ask for your email address to keep you on track and will give you some advice at the end. Another app you can download to eat healthily is called Easy Meals. Also, if you drink alcohol you can download the app called Drink Free Days. 

Make sure you also drink 2 litres of water a day! This will keep you hydrated, healthy and awake!

Multivitamins will also support your health and boost your immune system too. I try to take Omega 3, Multivitamins and Probiotics each day. In a probiotic, the more billions of healthy bacteria inside it, the better! You can buy these from Home Bargains, Boots or Holland and Barrett.

Keep in contact with friends and family

What I mean by keeping in contact with people is NOT via telephone or social media… instead just socialise, meet up for food and drinks or go to watch a movie! This is SO GOOD for your mental health and happiness! Even if you can’t afford to go out, just going for a walk around the park and having a chat is good too 😉 If you ever feel stuck on your phone… DITCH THE PHONE! Turn it off for as long as you can and I guarantee you will feel so much better! If you ever want to talk to someone about ANYTHING, UCB has a Health and Wellbeing Centre. You can find this online on the UCB Portal, under Student Services. They welcome new appointments and are very friendly 🙂

See daylight

I know it’s going to be difficult to see daylight at this time of year because for most of us, we go to work in the dark and come back home in the dark… there are not many hours of light at this time of year. However, you should try to make the most of it by going out on your lunch breaks. You could also go for a nice walk on your days off, especially in the morning to wake yourself up! I think the winter mornings are refreshing, the air is crisp and the sky is usually lovely and blue! If you want some ideas on where to go for a walk you could take a look at my previous blog where I have named a few places in the West Midlands.

If you don’t get a chance to see natural daylight, phototherapy is supposed to be a good alternative but it is recommended you have a consultation prior to treatments. For anyone interested in these sort of treatments, UCB will be opening the Aspire Aesthetics Clinic in 2020 so you can book treatments or study a course in Aesthetics!

Aspire-bannerListen to some music

Music has always lifted my mood, no matter how I’ve felt or where I’ve been. I listen to it when I’m feeling anxious as it calms me down and brings me back to normal… I also listen to it when I feel upset as it cheers me up and most of the time I just listen to it to put myself in a positive state of mind and good attitude 🙂 Sometimes I really struggle to get up in the morning, so I will play some music for about 10 minutes and usually, after the first couple of songs, I feel motivated to get up and do something 🙂 You should 100% try it if you feel the same!

Enjoy the Christmas and New Year Holidays! Stay Happy and Healthy!!! 

Thanks for reading!

Charley x

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