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Hello everyone!

Many of you might have gone back to your family to celebrate the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve, but for all of you who stay over the holidays, I have an interesting topic about one of my favourite places in Birmingham. 

Today we’re gonna talk about Digbeth. Digbeth is like the little alternative brother of the city centre and is one of the fastest changing places in Birmingham. Every time I go I see some new graffiti, a new place open or just some little detail that changed since the last time I’ve been there.

There are shops for artists, skaters, vegans, spiritual believers and everyone who might have the feeling to break free and be around similar individuals. There are also little cafes, restaurants, a cinema, bars and other places worth discovering. Kanteen is one example for one of those places that is definitely worth checking out. 

One of my favourite places is Ghetto Golf, where you can play mini golf and enjoy cocktails while you’re surrounded by neon lights. Digbeth is a place for every hobby photographer and its scenery is changing every couple of weeks.

But to be honest, the best thing is to just check it out yourself. So go and check out that unique side of Birmingham! 

P.S. If you like electronic music and going to raves, Digbeth with its clubs like Lab11, The Mill and Tunnel Club is gonna be your place.


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