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Hints to make you happy!!!

Hints to make you happy!!!

Hello, hello, hellooo, everyone!!!! I hope you are good and looking forward to the Christmas break. I think everyone needs it. Disconnect and enjoy a bit of time for yourselves.

Well this week I am going to give you some hints that keep me happy. They work very well for me and I would like to share them with you all.

To begin, I would like to explain a bit more about it: It’s not all about hints to make you happy as such, it’s a bit more complex. I can’t give you a magic wand to change your mood but I am sure I will definitely make you feel slightly better.

Grey days come and you think ‘oh dear, I feel stressed with assignments, my family is very far away, I have too many things to do…’ All these negative thoughts come, and they don’t let you continue with your day-to-day life.

Have you ever thought you could stop them? I mean have you ever thought in a way to stop those thoughts from appearing in your mind? Well this is what I mean… with hints to make you happy 😊

  1. Try not to overuse social media… everything you see or you think you see in social media is never the real-life world we live in, and we can sometimes or most often misinterpret what we see. When we do this, we cause ourselves to feel bad, so why not feel happier by trying to limit the time we spend on them. 😊


  1. Spend one hour of your day doing something that you enjoy… I know that sometimes this can take more in my case but try it. Did you know that colouring makes you free your mind and allows you to focus more? 😊


  1. Have a diary… with this I mean paper, homework diary, journal, laptop, mobile – anything that allows you to evaluate your day. You know how I do it… I have a diary that helps me write up everything from my day. But what I mean by ‘evaluate’ is saying or writing 3 good things of your day and 3 bad things. This allows you to be more appreciative and helps your mood improve.😊


  1. Speak with friends. Speaking to a friend helps. Good friends, those ones that are hard to find but not impossible are worth having for those moments of sadness where you think you are alone. Speak to them it will help you gain a smile. 😊


  1. Sometimes when I hug someone – and I mean a real hug – it makes me feel much better and it lets all those negative thoughts go. The most important thing is to love yourself over anyone in the world. 😊


  1. Enjoy some leisure activity time. Go shopping, go to the cinema, to the library, for a walk… anything that can distract you. Maybe you won’t feel like going out but even if you just go outside to take the bin out, those minutes would be very healthy and positive for you, kicking away the negative worries. 😊



  1. Help others. When I feel bad, helping someone makes me happy because I see that although I may feel sad, I could make someone else happy and that’s an amazing feeling. 😊



I hope you find these hints useful and they make you feel a bit better when you ever feel a bit low. 😊


“Smile and let the world wonder why”. – Walt Disney.



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