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Prepare for a successful semester!

Prepare for a successful semester!

Hi again! 🙂

Are you a January starter? Or are you having 2 weeks’ break before starting your second semester? If you’re wondering what the best way to tackle your semester is, then this blog is just for you!

Preparation and organisation is the key to success! It’s best to have an idea of what will be taught before you attend the lectures. You will learn more as you already have a basic understanding. Therefore it’s ideal to take a look at your course modules. Once you know which modules you will be covering, go onto the Library and E-Resources on your UCB Portal and take a look at your MODULE READING LIST. This will be split up into your different subjects and will have all the books your lecturers recommend to read. You may be overwhelmed with the amount of reading there is on there, but don’t worry, you can SEARCH for key words and just read around those topics rather than the whole book.

When you attend your first few lectures you should be given your assignment briefs. It is important that you understand exactly what is being asked so I would advise you to either ask your module leader to check that you fully understand, or you can go to CASE where they will help you understand exactly what to do and help you get a head start. Whenever I go to CASE I feel really reassured that I will get a better grade than if I didn’t go.

It’s ideal to highlight KEY WORDS in your assignment brief to break it down into steps and give yourself some headings if it’s a report.

As well as visiting CASE, you can go onto the CASE section on your UCB Portal and watch some videos on how you should structure your work depending on whether it’s a report, essay or a discussion. They are really helpful and will explain step by step what to include.

I recommend that your next step should be to book an appointment to see your SUBJECT LIBRARIAN. Here, they will help you find a variety of extra sources for you to use when it comes to citations, references and developing your knowledge of the topic. They will most certainly point you in the right direction. To book an appointment just go onto Library and E-Resources and a photo of your subject librarian will be on there with the option to book an appointment.

So … After a few weeks, you should have a draft for your assignment. NOW you could ask your lecturer for the GRADING CRITERIA if you don’t already have it. You can book another appointment at CASE, show them your draft and ask them how you can reach the grade you want. You’re allowed one session per week with CASE which I think is GREAT 🙂

Where is the best place to study in Birmingham?

If you find that you get easily distracted at university, there is the main Library of Birmingham just across the road from Summer Row! It’s quite big and the people there are respectful and quiet. 🙂

However, if you worry that you need to bounce ideas off your friends and also want your own space, there are rooms all over the uni where your seminars are usually delivered. You could check the schedule on the screen in front of the room and use one that will be free 🙂

If you want more of a chilled space, in McIntyre House there are sofas on each floor which are fairly quiet, there’s a roof terrace for use during the summer on the 3rd floor, there are individual zones to the left of the IT Help centre and of course there’s the computer rooms which have breakout zones inside.

In Summer Row there is also a computer room on the ground floor opposite the UCB Guild.

I find the most resourceful space to study is in Camden House (UCB’s Library). However, the library will be moving to The Link on 5 February!

Justice Williams at Behind Her Dreams

If you struggle to get into a routine, Justice can help you!

Justice Williams is currently a student at UCB who was awarded an MBE for setting up her own business to help others! She was ranked 30th on the Birmingham Post’s Power 50! She is also a TED Talker….look this up on YouTube! So it’s safe to say she most certainly knows how to help!

You can follow her Facebook page called Behind Her Dreams and subscribe to her emails! She has recently sent me some documents which help me set daily goals and structure my day to keep myself focused. I find them really helpful! And they’re completely free!

I hope this helps you!

Thanks for reading!
Charley x

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