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Hello everyone!

Today I thought I would give you a little introduction about my home as some of you may know I grew up in Madeira Island (Portugal) and there is so much I could tell you about.

For five years it’s been considered the ‘Best Island Destination in the World’ and I will tell you why.

As a holiday destination, you can really have it all here in Madeira. The weather is pretty warm all year round due to our tropical climate, although some days you can get all seasons in one day!

There are countless activities or places to check out, from mountains with peaks of 1,861m and landscapes that will amaze you, to natural pools that were formed by volcanic activity, hikes through the mountains, and many traditional activities throughout the region.

Funchal is the capital city of Madeira with a architecture style between Gothic and Romanesque. It is known best for its port, which is visited all year round by cruises from all around the world. Located by the port is a fortress which is at least 400 years old – originally built to protect the port, it now serves as a contemporary art museum with a vast selection of Portuguese art.

If you’re not convinced already, these are a few of the wide range of activities you could do in Madeira:

Dolphin/whale watching – in the port of Funchal, you can buy a ticket to have a ride on a boat or a catamaran to go around the coast, and you might even get to see turtles as well if you are lucky.

Diving – Madeira is becoming a paradise for diving in Europe due to our warm climate and crystalline waters. You get to experience the volcanic underwater landscape along with a wide range of species you may get to see.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next week!


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