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Hello again! ūüôā

So it’s the New Year… Do you have any resolutions?… Do you intend to keep¬†them?

I think the most important thing with resolutions is making them a life-long change… otherwise, is there much point?

UCB Sustainable Pledge

UCB are challenging YOU this January to make a pledge to be more sustainable! To participate, simply do as many of the below as you can, post a photo of yourself doing the task on any social media and add #SUSTAINABLEUCB to your post. If you make just one of the below pledges, you may receive a free bottle, bag and sweets from UCB!

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild

One family who feel¬†really strongly about making a more sustainable living is the¬†AitkenRead family featured in Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild programme, which is broadcast every Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 5.

Lucy AitkenRead is a former climate change campaigner who became exhausted and burned out after fighting for a brighter future but not seeing enough progress being made by the world. Therefore she decided to quit her 9-5 job and move to New Zealand with her husband. They sold their house in the UK to buy a yurt in New Zealand with 25 acres of land. For me, some of the most moving things she said in this documentary are:

“Live the change rather than campaigning for the change”

“We live with family rhythms rather than schedules”

“The kind of empathetic and connection-based parenting is inimitably related to the kind of world we want to see”

“Our children don’t live by rules… That’s a very interesting thing in society, that we usually don’t trust our kids to make good decisions for themselves… So it starts when they’re crawling, and we trust them to interact with their environment… they¬†are left to explore their surrounding as they please. They are also very self-sufficient, cooking breakfast and feeding their chickens with little parental supervision”

“People that have the power to make a huge difference are not doing it despite all of our work trying to convince them”

I really wish we could convince all the worldwide people in power to make our world more sustainable!… but Lucy is right, we should start living the change as much as we can ūüôā

My past message in my Australian bushfires blog was that BIG CHANGES need to be made to help prevent disasters like this and worldwide support is required to help Australia recover.  Remember, YOU can #FightForYourWorld with WWF.

Feel Good

The most important resolution I think everyone should try to make (lifestyle choice) is to FEEL GOOD.

It goes without saying that feeling good is important in life and to help make this resolution easier, you can join UCB’s gym for a really great price (check here¬†to see how much it is… there are different prices depending on how long you want a membership for).

You can also see what the UCB Guild has to offer! There are plenty of sports clubs and societies that you can join!

If you aren’t looking to spend money, you could venture outdoors and visit some lovely local natural attractions (mentioned in my Natural Attractions, West Midlands blog). It would also be good to view my other previous blog Winter Blues as I explain here how to look after yourself in many aspects.

Thanks for reading

Charley x

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