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Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk Day

Hello, hello, hello, everyone!!! I hope you are all great and looking forward to this second semester.

This week I would like to speak about ‘Time to Talk Day’, which takes place on 6 February 2020 (tomorrow).

The purpose of ‘Time to Talk Day’ is to get together and speak to your friends, family, or even in communities, such as universities and workplaces, about mental health.

It is very unusual to speak about mental health issues, and sometimes we feel awkward to speak about it. However, it shouldn’t be, as it affects 1 in 4 of us. This happens maybe because we are shy or scared of what others might think about us. This will then make us feel isolated.

This day is crucial for all of us to be aware that mental heath is an issue and that having a chat doesn’t harm anyone but will make a big difference for those suffering from it.

I am a person who worries about others’ well-being and I try very hard to give my help whenever it is needed. I really like helping others, especially those who might go through a hard time. Everybody has a bad day, don’t we? We wake up and we see everything negatively and the only thing we want is for the day to pass quickly.

But people who are suffering from mental health issues, in circumstances such as losing a job, missing home, breaking up with their partner, or even not having friends, these people might wake up in the same monotonous routine that they can’t by any chance escape from it. Their inner self-esteem – that small voice that give us the strength to do things, to maintain strength no matter what – is very weak.

When we see that someone is suffering, we tend to ask immediately is something wrong? I personally think that the best way to help a person who is suffering is to sit down with them to make them feel that they are not alone and making sure that they know you are there for them in case they want to speak about anything. People suffering won’t go around with a bell shouting out that they are depressed, they might instead pretend that everything is fine. Therefore, we need to be conscious about this fact and watch out for those that are struggling.

Thank you for reading my post.

“If you can’t look at the bright side I will sit with you in the dark”. – Alice and Wonderland, Walt Disney.


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