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Do you ever feel like you’ve had a bad day? Ever feel down about it or annoyed?

I’ve found that by practising gratitude each day, it makes me feel like I’ve NEVER had a bad day really…

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is an act of being thankful forĀ something. When you practise gratitude you areĀ appreciating something and are willing to return kindness.

Practising gratitude daily will make you aware of the good, nice things in life which make you happy. Our minds tend to remember the daily negatives more easily than the daily positives in life. According to Jennifer Warner (2007), “Researchers sayĀ negativeĀ emotions like fear and sadness trigger increased activity in a part of the brain linked to memories.”

How do you practise gratitude?

The frequency of practising gratitude is entirely your choice, however, I personally prefer to practise it EVERY DAY! It takes less than 1 minute to jot down what has made you happy that day. To keep a journal of my gratitude, I have downloaded the app ‘Presently’.

I have noticed I feel much lighter, happier and healthier after reading my gratitude back to myself. On a “bad day”, it’s just a little reminder that nothing is ever as bad as you may think.

Mental health professors say that trying to live in the PRESENT rather than thinking too much about the past and future is excellent for your wellbeing. Therefore, I try to reduce my ‘thoughts of the past’ (especially on a ‘bad day’), by just practising my gratitude on the ‘Presently’ app.

When you open the ‘Presently’ app, it will look something like the photo below. It creates a timeline of your daily gratitude notes so that you are able to keep a little journal and feel like no day has ever been bad šŸ™‚

Other ways of practising gratitude are via:



Why is gratitude important?

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have stated that “GratitudeĀ is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.Ā GratitudeĀ helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”

So… you might be thinking “but I will be grateful for the good things as they come on the day”. However, it is the fact that your brain will tend to forget the nice little things that have happened and potentially replay your negative experiences. Practising gratitude will prevent this from happening and it has huge health and wellness benefits!

You may also think it sounds overrated but I honestly think it can change people’s lives.

So are you going to start practising gratitude?

If you are, it would be nice to see your gratitude post on Instagram… Tag us in your gratitude posts!

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Thanks for reading!

Charley x

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