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Why do we feel lonely?

Why do we feel lonely?

Hello, hello, hello, everyone!!!! I hope you are feeling good.

Today I would like to speak about loneliness.

I am strong believer that we are our own worst enemies because every time we are sad or feel that we are lonely, we start to overthink, and all these thoughts pop up in our heads making us feel even worse. It’s never easy to step out of these thoughts, especially when you don’t have anyone close to you reminding you how great you are.

We all have a positive and negative side. I include myself and I might get up one day and think ‘oh I should have woken up earlier’, ‘I should make more friends’, ‘I don’t have anyone’, ‘I am bad at everything’. Other times I wake up being very happy with myself and all the people that are around me, and I see that I have lots of positive things. We are all in this rollercoaster sometimes going up and other times going down, especially when we are at uni where everything seems more complicated. Sometimes living away from home becomes even harder to deal with and eventually all the things adds up.

We can sometimes feel that those around us are not helping us and we might have this idea in our heads of dropping out and escaping. But we always need to remember that each of us is an individual and we need to see ourselves as independent. When we start believing and loving ourselves then everything will start to go smoothly. The important part is believing, that’s the key to success.

We will always find people that make us feel unworthy or undervalued. But the key in this is to remember who we really are and where we want to go. These are two things that no one can steal from us and no matter how much they push us down, we will always find a way to stand up and face whatever difficulty life brings us.

When I feel lonely, I pick up a piece of paper and I write down reasons why I feel lonely. And I try to find solutions, such as joining the gym, joining a club, completing one small task at a time. What I always remind myself of is to never listen to those around me that are often pushing me down. No one can push us down unless we allow them.

Here is a video that explains loneliness further:

Thank you for reading and I hope it has helped you see things a bit clearer.

“Change is good… but it is not easy”. – Lion King, Walt Disney.


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