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Busting Myths about University

Busting Myths about University

Hi everyone, did you have a good break?

I wish I could say that I went on a sunny beach holiday as this country is way too cold for me right now, but I can’t say that! I enjoyed spending time with my family though and now back to the grind of studying.

So anyway, I’ve been thinking about some of the misconceptions that people have about going to university and I have to say, this student life is nothing like some of the myths that are floating out there. Today, I’m hoping to bust some of those…

You need to have an exploding bank account to go to university!

I must admit that one of my reservations when I was making the decision to go to university was… finance! The last thing I wanted was to go to university and then to be found under a mountain of debt at the end of my course. Then, I thought of the long term benefits.

Everything costs, we can’t run away from that truth, but if you always looked at the cost of everything, you’d never do anything. A maintenance loan definitely helps, so if it’s available to you, take advantage of it. I know, I know, you’re not keen on the idea of loans and interest rates, me neither. Apparently, there are around 80% of students that will never repay their loan before it is wiped after 30 years – just saying.

You have to flee the nest!

A lot of students still live at home, in private accommodation or halls of residence, however, each scenario has its own benefits. Whether or not you decide to leave home to go to university, you’ll make friends and be able to attend social events at your university. Staying at home could mean that you’re able to save some money while moving out gives you that bit more independence.

Party all night long!

Clubbing and enjoying a social drink might be part of the life for some students but not everyone is into that kind of social scene and that’s OK. If it’s not your thing, there’s loads of things that students can do to have fun – Netflix and chill, host or attend a house party, do something active or sports related like using the UCB gym facilities, spa or book in at the salon… whatever makes you happy.

You’re too old to go to university!

I can speak about this point from my own personal experiences. You’re never too old to go to university! I’ve spoken to lots of people in my lifetime that believe that they are ‘too old’ to do something. I’m a mature student and if you’d asked me 10-15 years ago whether I would return to study, I probably would’ve said “no way” (just at the thought of doing it all over again with students much younger than me – blurrhhh!).

I suppose one advantage of being a mature student is just that – you’re ‘mature’ and probably better understand the value of your education.

If you want to try something new (written about in my previous blog), just go for it! If you don’t want to go to university when you’re 17 or 18, there’s no pressure either, do it when you’re ready.

We live on Pot Noodle, beans on toast and pasta!

It’s true that most students are constantly budgeting to keep up with the ever increasing basic living costs. It might be true that some students can’t cook, and it might even be true that students would choose a simple ready-made meal to a takeaway (I’d pick the cheaper option too) – this is student life!

Students need a great amount of nutrition and Pot Noodle, beans on toast or pasta are all good for students on the go.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and I’ve been able to bust some myths about university and student life.

Have a great weekend.



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