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Atlantic Whale and Dolphin Foundation – Tenerife!

Atlantic Whale and Dolphin Foundation – Tenerife!

Hola! Como estas?!

Hey! How are you?!

If you read my previous blogs, you will know I am currently working in Tenerife… So in this blog, I will be sharing my experience so far with you!

My first thoughts

I landed in Tenerife on Wednesday 19 February. I was extremely anxious about who I would be sharing a room with and I didn’t have anybody to meet before I flew out. However, I successfully landed in Tenerife and from a distance, I saw two UCB hoodies! (So if you go on this trip it would be really good for you to wear one!). I was praying I could catch up to them and I did after immigration… thank God!

We all got collected by Ed (the founder of the foundation) and he drove us to the house… Unfortunately, the Dolphin House had sadly burnt down… nevertheless we are still going strong and striving to raise awareness and inspire action regarding saving our planet (in many beautiful ways!!)

We would appreciate any support to help build our home again. We lost the office, resource room, thousands of books, computers, cameras, data, volunteers’ belongings….

If you would be kind to make a donation, please just click the picture below šŸ™‚ Every little helps!


Day-to-day routines

Sharing a room hasn’t been as nerve-racking as I thought. I’m extremely happy that the girls I am with are so nice and understanding. We have a meeting every day to plan what we will be doing the following day and to discuss how the day went and bounce ideas.

At the moment our tasks vary due to building a nice environment for ourselves. For example, we are currently living in the house next door so we have been shopping to get some herbs, flowers and trees. Tomorrow we will be planting these and so far I have painted a wall with other volunteers and Michael and Nathan have put down some slabs for paving. šŸ™‚

I have also been on the whale and dolphin boats and will be doing a project… probably on plastic pollution!



So far the activities I have done are horse riding and diving. This may sound insane but believe it or not, my biggest fear was the ocean because it looks so dark and you can’t see what’s beneath you. However, I pushed myself to go on the boats and go diving because I think the more you learn about something the less scared you will be…and it’s TRUE! I went diving today and it was amazing! It was so beautiful and I will be going back again so that I can go even further. I’m really looking forward to going again, I hope I will see some turtles and an octopus!

Horse riding was also beautiful, the horses are so careful when walking but also have a wonderful energy. My horse decided to race another horse and we did a run together, it was so fun!


We are so lucky to be in Tenerife at this time of year, as the carnival is on! Luckily Ed was so enthusiastic and kind to let us go to the carnival! We first went to Chinatown to pick our costumes, and then we spent the whole day there. I and my friend Karolina made friends with the Spanish and it was sooooo nice! They couldn’t speak English and we couldn’t speak Spanish but SOMEHOW we had the best day ever haha and communicated pretty well! šŸ™‚


I am really feeling the impact this foundation has on the environment. I think it’s so important that we PROTECT our planet! It is so heartbreaking to see the amazing wildlife at risk from plastic pollution, ship strikes, bycatch, habitat degradation and toxic pollution.

Not only is this foundation benefiting the planet, but it will also be amazing to put on your CV! So if you would like to get involved, just visit theĀ website šŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!

Charley x

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