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The importance of good nutrition for academic performance

The importance of good nutrition for academic performance

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well!

Today I thought I would discuss why our nutrition is so important for our academic performance.

As most of us know, good nutrition provides innumerable benefits, not only for the health of our bodies but also our mental health and emotional health.

Our nutrition has a crucial role in the quality of our mental health – in our learning, memory, assimilation, reasoning and so many more aspects.

Our body works on a base of energy so we need necessary ‘fuels’ so that our bodies are in balance and working well. Besides this, it is necessary to care well for all our organs so that we can take the best advantage of their roles for the proper functioning of our bodies.

The brain is the main organ for our mental functions, where all our activity related to our thoughts, behaviours, needs, emotions and reasoning gets to work. To ensure this works in the way we desire it to, we need necessary ‘fuels’ such as oxygen, glucose, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and much more. So our nutrition is directly connected to what happens in our brains and bodies.

I shall present you with a list of some substances that help in our mental health and in what foods we can find them:

  • Fisetin – maintains memory as it promotes the formation of new connections in our neurons, strengthening them
    • Where to find it: Strawberries, peaches, grapes, kiwis, apples, tomatoes, onions, spinach
  • Vitamin E – has antioxidant actions, maintaining your health and clearness of thought
    • Where to find it: Seeds and grains, such as beans, lentils, chickpeas, plant oils
  • Vitamin C – besides its antioxidant action, it stimulates our immune system
    • Where to find it: Found in dried and raw seeds as well as most citrus fruits
  • Vitamins from the B complex – responsible for balancing and regulating the transmission of information between our neurons
  • Zinc, selenium, iron, phosphorus – these keep our brains active and have important roles in the functioning of our bodies

That’s it for this week, thank you for reading!


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