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University Mental Health Day

University Mental Health Day

Hello, hello, hello, everyone!!!! I hope everything is going well and you are not too stressed yet with assignments.

Tomorrow is University Mental Health Day and it’s mainly to promote the mental health of everyone who is part of the university, from the students to the lecturers and all members of staff.

Mental health affects your emotional well-being and therefore it is important these days to feel and know that we are NOT ALONE!

I understand that uni at times can get stressful and we might at times feel that it’s too much. Much of the time I feel this pressure towards deadlines, which is not bad if you understand it and try to do something about it.

This day allows us to be aware that we are not the only ones who stress out, feel lonely, find it hard to socialise, make friends, deal with family issues, having to live by yourself, or even a breakup, etc. Also, it allows us to understand other people, because although we might not have any mental health issues ourselves, we could understand that others are suffering and in return offer ourselves to help them.

UCB has a wonderful well-being team which supports and encourages students who are going through any type of life challenges. Also, having a chat with your tutors or even friends will make a difference.

One of the things I do and helps me a lot when I feel a bit low is to write how I am feeling. This allows me to release pressure and helps me focus more on how to overcome it. When I write it down, I tend to realise ways in which I could feel better and change my way of thinking so that it doesn’t affect me. When you write your feelings, thoughts or ideas down, you get to know yourself better and although it’s speaking to yourself, it does help. When I write things down, I am then able to sleep more peacefully and wake up with a fresh and clearer mindset.

“No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.” – Mulan


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