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Tips and tricks to help your research for assignments

Tips and tricks to help your research for assignments

Hello, hello, hello, everyone!! I hope you are good!

Today I would like to share with you some tips and tricks to support you when doing your research for assignments. If you are struggling to find useful information or wording the appropriate question, this post will be useful for you.

To start off, the most important thing when you research is to shorten the words of your question. For example, ‘how do children develop within the education system?’ – the problem with this question is that it’s too long and when researching it, we might find it hard to find articles or books that will answer this question directly.

Therefore, to avoid finding unrelated search results and wasting your time, the idea is to shorten the question, or if this is not possible because it might lose meaning then you can leave it like it is. You just need to add quotation marks, so that it focuses only on the words in the quotation marks rather than on each word separately. This will decrease the amount of results that will appear. In the case of the example I gave before, I would shorten it to: “children development” AND “education system”.

Another key word I’ve added to my search is AND in capital letters. This is crucial because you would like to find articles with both things in it, “children development” AND “education system”. Using the other way, you will only find articles with one word in them. In case you would like to find one thing or the other, you can write it in the same format with quotation marks and instead of AND, write OR.

In the side bar on the left of the online UCB Library, you may find adjustable options that can also reduce your search. For example, you can adjust the type of source, the timeline, or the subject you are focusing on (education). Also, you can adjust the page options so that you can see more results on the same page without having to change page.

I’ve added a video with more tricks to simplify your search (the video is based on Google Search, however it does work on the online UCB Library).


I hope this post is useful and it helps you with your assignments.

“Good friends will help you until you are unstuck.” – Winnie the Pooh.


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