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Social Distancing and Self Isolation

Social Distancing and Self Isolation

Hello!! I hope you are well.

During this pandemic, self-isolation and social distancing have been advised for those who have health conditions, those who are elderly and for those who have contact with vulnerable people.

Many will agree that the thought of self-isolation sounds scary and daunting, but try to think of this as an opportunity rather than a sacrifice. You could use this time to work on yourself, reach your goals, take care of yourself, recharge your batteries and find yourself again.

In my opinion, social distancing should be renamed as physical distancing, because the objective of this is to reduce exposure to the virus. This means you can still have phone calls, video calls, use social media and join online classes! (Oti Mabuse from Strictly Come Dancing has been doing some dance classes which you can access via Instagram or YouTube!)

How have your online lectures been going? I had my first one on Friday and found it really useful that we are able to replay the lectures as they are recorded online. We are very fortunate to be in this position with technology!

It is also important to remember that during this time we are still able to go for walks. It isn’t exactly good for your health to stay indoors for weeks on end so make sure you get some fresh air! The best place to go in order to maintain physical distance is probably a local forest rather than a public park. You can find some places I recommended on my previous blog here.

Using the app Presently may also be useful during this time as it will keep you appreciative of the positives that are happening rather than seeing the negatives. You can read more about it here in my gratitude blog.

UCB Health and Wellbeing are also still available to speak to and we also have the Birmingham Nightline available 🙂 Check it out here!

I wish you happiness and wellness during this time and remember … don’t touch your face (especially your eyes, nose and mouth!), wash your hands thoroughly, sanitise, wash your clothes when you get home and reduce your exposure to the virus!

Stay safe! 🙂

Thank you for reading

Charley x

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