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Never forget the bright side

Never forget the bright side

Hey everyone!

I hope you and your families are doing well and taking care of each other. Another week has gone by and day by day, we see how much impact and disruption the virus Covid-19 is having all over the world to all our lives and the normal functioning of our countries. Uncertainty towards the future has never been higher.

Every student has been affected by this, from reduced work hours to even loss of jobs, making our rent and bills more stressful and putting in danger the independent lifestyle some of us have worked hard to achieve away from home and our families. Even little things which we wouldn’t give much importance to in other times, such as not being able to find a single pack of pasta or toilet paper unless you go all over Birmingham to find some on a sort of supermarket crawl – if you are lucky.

Wherever the world may be heading, we must never forget to look at things positively. I hope at this point people now give more value to the things we never thought about and took for granted, and are realising in all of this what are the most important things in life that are transcending any material goods. The ‘luxuries’ we used to consider important or strive for seem so unimportant/useless these days, when it seems like the little things/pleasures that used to go unnoticed on our agitated normal days have been lost with all the worry and confusion amid everything going on – to keep ourselves and others safe, simply going for a stroll to the park or grabbing a coffee with a friend or family… spending time with those we care for most, even not being able to see your grandma because you’re afraid you might put her at risk….

I personally am self isolating for the following weeks, but this does not mean this time will be wasted. Take this time to organise all the things you push back because you say you don’t have time – tidy up your kitchen, your house, get stuff done, read those books you never had time to read, catch up on your series/movies and don’t forget to relax, spend time to feed your curiosities. There is always something to gain from every experience as long as you look at the bright side.

Thanks for reading and take care!


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