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YOU can make a difference – prevent plastic pollution with AWdF

YOU can make a difference – prevent plastic pollution with AWdF

Hello, how are you?

This pandemic lockdown has shown us that nature and planet Earth can thrive beautifully without us human beings interfering.

Please watch this TED talk to find out David Katz’s solution to plastic pollution

It is SO important that we realise, we do not own Earth… it is ours to share with the beautiful wildlife. It saddens me to see that humans can be so selfish sometimes and don’t even realise we are destroying the planet we live on. Not only is plastic pollution killing wildlife, but microplastics are also in the food we eat… Does that concern you? Plastic pollution is affecting our economies and health too.

After 16 days of volunteering with The Atlantic Whale and Dolphin Foundation (AWdF), I have seen more than you could imagine of what us humans are doing to our planet. It is important that we realise how our daily habits and actions can impact the planet we live on. Wildlife is especially in danger due to plastic pollution so throughout this blog you will hopefully begin to understand the results of our actions and what we can do to make a positive impact on our world.

How AWdF are helping

SEA: SENSE is AWdF’s plastic pollution project to help reduce the amount of plastic waste which is not being managed responsibly and is being leaked into our environment. One plastic bottle can take up to 450 years to decompose in our environment and it is predicted that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. About 3 tonnes of plastic is entering the ocean every 6 seconds, therefore AWdF is continually carrying out beach cleans and analysing which brands are most commonly found in order to prompt these companies to change their recycling policies. Currently, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle are the most common brands among this plastic pollution.

As part of the SEA: SENSE project, AWdF would like to encourage YOU and EVERYONE YOU KNOW to sign the petition to help ban or tax single-use plastics.

Plastic usage – petition

Impact on wildlife

Dolphins are inquisitive animals, so they play with plastic bags. Seals often get caught in fishing nets which are illegal. Whales, birds and fish also eat a lot of plastic and the photos are horrific.


How you can get involved

              Do you want to help make the world a better place?

              Do you want to be part of the change we all want?

Choose to go plastic neutral with The Fair Earth’s Global Citizenship Voucher Scheme today.

Sponsor our team in Tenerife to walk up Mount Teide in order to raise money to get back what we lost in the house fire (equipment, books, research etc) – Follow this link 🙂

There are some simple daily changes that you can make which will help save our environment:

  • Ensure that the plastic you put in recycling bins CAN be recycled… Unfortunately, not all plastics can be!
  • Use a reusable bag or shopping cart to carry your shopping rather than plastic bags
  • Reuse bottles instead of throwing them away
  • Use reusable straws and mugs
  • Buy natural plastics instead of synthetics

The number of plastic tubs and bags for fruit and vegetables really annoys me. By the time I’ve washed them, my bin is completely full and it’s so unnecessary! REDUCE THE DEMAND FOR PLASTIC-CONTAINED FRUIT AND VEG… surely there is a local market which does not use plastic packaging. If you start shopping at stores that do not use plastic packaging then the shops who do use plastic packaging will most likely change their products to meet their customer demands. Click here to read an article about why Coca-Cola refuse to ban their Coca-Cola bottles!



You can photograph plastic pollution and air pollution in any local area and then analyse it! There are instructions on the app as you go through, and they’re so simple to follow… so get involved! You will be helping citizens, communities and governments collect information on what plastics are found and where – especially if they are somewhere they shouldn’t be!

Although we are currently unable to travel to the places in need of volunteering, we can still VOLUNTEER VIRTUALLY and contribute from home! Just click here to find out what YOU can do to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 🙂 

Spread the word with passion!

Some wise words from our AWdF manager, Ed Bentham:

“The world is in self-imposed lockdown and we all have time, collectively, to reflect on what we are doing to our world and decide what we as individuals want to do going forward. Help our team in Tenerife reach out to the world. Let’s all work towards a better world.”

Thanks for reading!
Charley x

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