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World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day

Hi again everyone!

I hope you’re all coping well and are taking good care of yourselves and your families amid the lockdown.

Today I thought I would talk a little about World Autism Awareness Day which was on 2 April. With the pandemic going on and all of us still not knowing what to expect with the following times approaching, I believe some subjects of importance haven’t been getting the attention they still deserve considering the importance and difference they make in so many people’s lives.

World Autism Awareness Day was celebrated for the 13th year on 2 April and is fundamental to raise not only awareness on both autism and Asperger syndrome around the world but also for research and treatment. People all over the world get together to show their support and care, aiming to create a bigger understanding of autism and acceptance for those who have autism and hoping to reach kindness and worldwide support to all.

Someone who has autism may have great difficulties communicating and interacting with others, not understanding others’ thoughts or feelings. They may become overwhelmed with bright lights or loud noises creating discomfort and stress, anxiety with social events, repeat themselves or take quite long to understand information.

The theme chosen for this year was “the transition to adulthood”. This is a great challenge for those with autism and was a fantastic choice as it will show people more about the difficulties that those with autism have to bear with along their life.

I would like to recommend a movie I found quite touching which may help give you a better insight or understanding on this subject: Miracle in Cell No. 7. If you have Netflix you will find it right away!

Thanks for reading, have a good one!


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