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Placement experience (UCB)

Placement experience (UCB)

Hi everyone!

Today I thought I would talk a bit about my placement year as I have recently ended my work placement at Caviar & Chips as part of my Culinary Arts Management degree.

The work placement is really an essential part of the degree. I got to experience, learn and put so much into practice. Thanks to University College Birmingham’s support in securing my placement, I got a placement which suited me perfectly and with great employers interested in teaching me beyond what was necessary. I am very grateful.

During these uncertain and unexpected times, many placements have been affected with students all over the world in some cases not being able to continue their placements and having to return home to continue them later. Having my placement in the UK, I am currently self-isolating. University College Birmingham has been very supportive in guiding students who were on placement during these months, making sure the pandemic wouldn’t affect us regarding our health, difficulties with rent or bills due to unforeseen circumstances on placements and the need to return to our families.

Luckily I started my placement just a few weeks after the last semester of the first year of my degree, and got to experience as much as I could in the hospitality industry, working as a team, learning how to produce so many recipes from scratch and techniques I had never had the chance to before I learned the company’s high standards. Catering for weddings and other events was a very rewarding experience that I wanted from a placement, and it gave me great insight into the managing skills it takes for a catering company to work well and efficiently – and let me tell you, it’s hard work.

Thanks for reading, I hope all of you and your families are keeping safe and optimistic for the future.


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