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How to Create a Good Learning Space at Home

How to Create a Good Learning Space at Home

Hey everyone. How are you getting on with your studies?

Well, for me, heading out the door once a week for my evening course at University College Birmingham used to be the ‘norm’ and it was just right for me. I looked forward to being in the right environment, motivated and productive, without distractions.

Oh how things have changed! These past six weeks have been very different so we’re all having to just deal with it, and how better to stay motivated and remain focused than having the perfect learning space at home to help you keep going.

Today I wanted to talk about how to create the perfect learning space at home because this is an obstacle that I’m still having to overcome and when it comes to homeschooling my children, I think about what I can do to make sure they keep learning and I stay motivated.

So, the first question is where will you study? If you’re a student with shared accommodation, I guess this question leaves everyone in your house in the same boat. If there’s limited space in your accommodation, this might only leave your bedroom free as a space for studying. It might not be the best place to study because yes, it might be comfortable, but if you can’t get through studying without using your mobile phone to text friends, go on social media or resist the temptation to lie down for a ‘cat nap’, it might not be the best option.

Sometimes for me, my bedroom is the only place that I can study, away from my family. For those moments, I have to make sure that my phone is off or on silent and out of my reach, the TV is off and my only focus is studying. I haven’t got a desk in my room but if you have, use it because good posture is everything (I have to use extra pillows to prop me up) and it can really help you to stay in study mode.

Wherever your learning space is, make sure that you only have the things that you need to do the task you’re focused on completing. Random notes everywhere, pens that don’t work, a laptop without a charger lead nearby, a book without a marker for the pages you need to reference – this sounds like total chaos, and it is! You can’t expect to be motivated and focused if you’re trying to work in the wrong conditions, so don’t.

Being organised before you start trying to complete your work also means knowing your login for the online portal. If you can’t remember your logins, get these sorted early enough in the day so that if you’re uploading work later on in evening (after office closing times), there are no delays.

Having the perfect learning space means choosing a good time to study, one that suits you. We all focus well at different times in the day, so whenever you choose to study, make sure you’re alert and in a good physical space, with good lighting.

I’ll be honest, it’s been difficult for me to stay on track since this lockdown, but when I think about my end goal, it drives me to get my uni work done at home. The challenge in this is being consistent, but a good learning space not only helps me to stay motivated but to remain focused. Studying has to be intentional and scheduling has also helped me to stick to some sort of plan.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy your weekend.


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