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Benefits of Crying

Benefits of Crying

Hello, hello, hello, everyone!! I hope you are good and healthy.

Today I thought due to the current situation we are living in now, it would be a good idea to speak about why we cry and the benefits of the tears.

In general, there are happy, emotional, stressful and helpless tears, or even tears for protection from damaging substances (for example when cutting an onion). We sometimes may feel a bit emotional when watching a romantic movie or even when we recall family memories – I consider these tears ‘sweet tears’. However, we might feel anxious when we are being told off and helplessness when we know that we haven’t done anything wrong. But, in this situation we are unable to speak out because if we do, we will cry and that will show that we are weak (I call these tears ‘bad tears’).

The following video shows why we cry:

I understand that it’s not common to think about crying as a beneficial thing to do. Maybe because we have all grown up with the idea that crying is a sign of weakness. However, what if there are benefits of crying would that change something?

Research has shown that if we block tears because we see them as a sign of weakness, it can cause us to lose out on the benefits they bring us.

You can watch the video below for the benefits of crying:

In my own personal view, I think that crying is essential, and we shouldn’t suppress ourselves from crying. I sometimes find it hard to cry because I feel that it will make me feel even worse and I rather distract myself. However, sometimes – especially in this situation where everything just seems too much – I keep on getting this knot in my throat and I need to release this by crying.

I am a person that doesn’t like crying, however understanding the benefits tears bring, I have changed my thought on them. What about you? Have you change your mind about crying?

“It is okay to cry. crying is a natural response to pain”. – Baymax, Disney.


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