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What can we do about climate change?

What can we do about climate change?

Hey everyone. How are you?

Today, I wanted to talk about climate change. The streets are still quiet (kind of), I don’t think I’ve heard a siren in the eight weeks since the lockdown started, there’s not much activity on the motorways, factories are closed and the air feels cleaner – I like it.

Okay, this might be temporary but the lockdown is giving us a glimpse into what life could be like, living in a cleaner, purer, healthier environment, and it had me thinking – when the lockdown is over, what can I do and will I do to affect climate change?

Last week, I posted about May being National Walking Month and even though I haven’t been going out for walks every day, I have managed to fit in lots of exercise which is just as good as walking, isn’t it?! Oooh yes, I’ve been doing PopSugar dance routines and other YouTube fitness videos to help me stay active and maintain good mental, physical and emotional health.

So, when the lockdown is finally lifted, walking is definitely something that I plan to do more of to help tackle climate change. Okay, we haven’t had to do the school run in weeks but in future (and as long as I can get out of the house on time with my children, which might be a challenge – hehe) I’ll use these legs instead of taking the car.

Having these restrictions in place and only going out for essentials has proved to me that I can do without driving to the convenience store because we’ve run out of milk, or in fact, I can plan my shopping trips better, getting everything I need (at least for the week) in one go, instead of making multiple trips back and forth to the supermarket – it’s all in the planning, really!

One of the other things that comes to mind is reducing household waste. Did you know that recycling at home and cutting down on food waste can help to tackle climate change? Well, if you didn’t know, now you know. All the waste that we ‘just put in the bin’ makes it to landfill which means more greenhouse gases, more carbon dioxide, more pollution and the bigger the effects on our climate.

Recycling reduces greenhouse gas consumption so instead of just ‘binning’ those empty cereal boxes, empty milk cartons and plastic bottles, yoghurt pots etc, recycle or re-use them. Thankfully, I’ve got children who love being creative and I enjoy doing arts and craft projects with them, so we’ll just hold onto our recycling boxes.

In a previous post, I talked about boosting your immune system which is especially relevant when you think about climate change and the impact it has on our health. Climate change is causing warmer weather in the months when it should be cold, budding flowers on trees when the branches should be bare and is a threat to animals. Of course then, it has an impact on health conditions as warmer weather makes it easier for diseases to be passed around.

There’s more that can be done to positively impact climate change and with the way things are currently, we’ve already started, so let’s carry on.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.


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