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Feeling More and Worrying Less

Feeling More and Worrying Less

Hello, Hello, Hello, everyone!!! I hope you are all well!

One day more is one day less. I am sure this situation is coming to an end soon.

I also hope that you are not stressing too much with assignments or exams. It’s the last push and we will become free again – hehe.

This week as you might have read from the title, I wanted to focus on feeling more and worrying less.

Why? Well it’s very simple, because the human being spends 50% thinking about or remembering the past, and 50% worrying about or imagining the future – yet forgetting about the present.

It’s something that we all do. We might all think that the past was better, that maybe if you could go back everything would be easier, or maybe you could have changed something. We all think about the issues we will find in the future, or how our life will be.

The thing is that we all forget about living the present with passion, with intensity and courage. And we continue to go back to thinking either about the past or future but never think about your present.

It’s not until something drastic happens that we realise how valuable every second of our life is, and we then start to focus on the present more.

I understand that it’s complicated to not think about any of them too much because our brain is thinking all the time. But what if every time our brain comes up with a thought of our past or our future, we say to ourselves is there anything I can do in my present about them? Just make yourself think: why waste your presence on thoughts that have already happened or maybe will happen? Why not think about how can you enjoy your presence wisely instead?

Enjoy every day like it’s the last one, value the little moments more and never leave things for tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow will come and it’s too late. For example the situation we are living now: all our summer holidays booked, imagining how will they be, counting the days to see the family until something unexpected happens and BOOM! No one can stop it and it’s a reality.

The current situation has allowed me to appreciate the little things more, especially those things that I have done without too much of a thought and in the end ended up perfect. Such as the surprise my family gave me on my birthday, or the weekend when I went to Gib to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday, or even celebrating and meeting up for the first time with my boyfriend’s family. Now that I look back with happiness, and calmness, I am sure that I will go for moments like those more often without a doubt.

Let the past stay in the past and let the future surprise you with new things without expecting them. Just live the present and things will happen.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why we call it present.”- Winnie the Pooh, Walt Disney.  


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