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The Best Parks in Birmingham

The Best Parks in Birmingham

Hey everyone. I hope you’re all staying safe, it seems to be working so let’s keep it up!

As I mentioned in a previous post, it is National Walking Month this May. All right, I haven’t been walking all day every day, but I’ve been getting in my fair share of exercise during lockdown and it’s one of the things that I’ll try to keep up when things start moving forward! How about you?

I was born and bred in Birmingham and I know that it has some of the best green spaces to visit, so I wanted to share them with you. Remember the 2-metre social distancing rule when you head out!

First up (and in no particular order)….

Perry Hall Park

This has been one of my favourite parks (in the Perry Barr area) to visit with my family over the past few months and honestly, if you visit you’ll see why. I think it’s a sort of hidden gem as I’ve met loads of people that live locally and they’ve never heard of this park.

It’s a really beautiful place to get some fresh air with your family or friends and it has a great community spirit. There’s around 158 acres of green land in this park, a bridge over the River Tame, gorgeous swans and geese and you might even spot some carp in the water.

I have to say, it’s a very well kept park, well-maintained and even has toilet facilities open at various times.

Handsworth Park

This was one of my favourite parks to visit during my childhood and the good news is that it’s only about 15 minutes away from the city centre if you’re travelling by bus – maybe less time if you’re travelling by car.

Handsworth Park has great facilities for swimming, gym and other sports, a children’s play area and a really beautiful and well-maintained landscape.

If you’re thinking about keeping up with exercise and walking even beyond the lockdown, then this is a lovely place for it.

Cannon Hill Park

This may be one of the most popular parks in Birmingham and it’s so close to the city centre so it has great transport links (for when we move forward from the lockdown, that is!).

Again, this is another one of my childhood favourites as far as parks go. My mom would always pack the picnic basket and prepare us for a day out in Cannon Hill. Of course, with 120 acres of woodland and conservation, it’s pretty much the perfect place for all kinds of fun activities – our family used to play rounders in the fields.

There’s literally a days worth of space to enjoy at Cannon Hill Park, from the swan boats (for hire) that take you around the lake, to the tennis courts and plenty of photo opportunities among the picturesque scenery.

There’s so many beautiful parks in Birmingham to mention – Woodgate Valley Park, Pype Hayes Park and Sutton Park, just to name a few more.

If you’re visiting any of these places during or after the lockdown, please please please remember to keep the 2-metre social distancing rule and stay safe.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend.


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