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Join us after summer!

Join us after summer!

Hello again ☺️

I hope you’re all staying safe!

Are you planning on starting university after summer? Would you like to know what it’s like to be starting in September?

I joined in September 2018 so I can tell you what my journey has been like so far and I hope it encourages you to join!

I joined university completely by myself, I didn’t know anybody at University College Birmingham and had nobody joining with me so honestly, it was a little bit daunting. However, there’s no need to be worried at all! I made friends on the very first day and we all ended up creating a WhatsApp group chat which is still ongoing and there are now 82 people in the chat! It’s a really good idea as we all put support in the chat regarding our lectures and we can discuss our assignments and raise topics with our student rep. 🙂

University is not just all about studying… of course, there will be a LOT of studying, but there is such a good social life with uni too! We have lots of different societies and sports groups you can join (just click here to visit our Guild website and find out more). I joined the pole fitness team and absolutely loved it, they had social nights every Wednesday and had tours which took them abroad. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to go but it looked absolutely amazing! I also want to add that before I joined this class I had only ever been to 3 pole fitness classes before, so I was very new and wasn’t very strong haha but it was definitely a lot of fun, and will for sure build your confidence and strength! (Even though in the picture below I wrapped my arm around the pole in the weirdest way possible and got stuck…I genuinely couldn’t get down haha)

Living in accommodation will also be an interesting experience as you will be living independently but will also need to adapt to sharing kitchens and living close to other students. I have never lived in student accommodation but if you want to find out more, you could either message our UCBloggers Instagram account and somebody will be able to talk to you about it there, or you could take a look at our facilities here. 🙂

The Maltings exterior

If you haven’t decided which course you would like to study, you can view our wide range of courses here. I would definitely recommend joining my course Aviation and Airport Management! The best thing about my course has been my experiences abroad. You can read all about my trip to Dubai here, my trip to Cyprus here, and my trip to Tenerife here (I did this voluntarily by myself with AWdF through University College Birmingham). 🙂

First Year’s Educational Trip to Cyprus      Atlantic Whale and Dolphin Foundation – Tenerife!

On your first day, make sure you know where all the below facilities are:

  • Library – get to know your subject librarian, they will be very helpful and go through which are the best books or websites for your assignment
  • CASE – they can help you to improve your writing skills, whether it be grammar, structure, or use of language. It is available for everyone… even if you receive high grades, there is always room for improvement!
  • Computer area and quiet zones
  • Lecturer offices – there may be different offices for each of your lecturers, so make sure you find out where to go if you need their support!
  • Finance office, cafeterias and the gym!
  • UCB Health and Wellbeing are always there if you need someone to talk to!
  • UCB Enterprise Hive is an amazing facility and I have currently set up 2 businesses with their help. I now have received a grant from the BSEEN programme and have an amazing business mentor and enterprise adviser! If you have any business ideas, I would definitely check them out!

You can find out where all of these facilities are in my previous blog, just click here. 🙂

I hope you will join us in September!

Thanks for reading!

Charley x

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