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Does The Weather Affect Our Emotional State?

Does The Weather Affect Our Emotional State?

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I hope you are well!!

Today I wanted to speak about how the weather affects us. I find this topic very interesting because I tend to procrastinate more with good weather than bad.  Maybe weather does have significant impact on our everyday mood.

According to research, sunny days tend to be linked to happy moods, and raining or cloudy days tend to be linked to sad, depressive moods. This is because of a lack of serotonin, which is obtained from the sun in the form of vitamin D. Our neurotransmitters are the ones responsible for making us feel happy.

However, they also suggest that instead, it could be our own expectations of what the weather is going to be like each day that impacts our mood rather than the actual weather.

In my case I sometimes feel that weather does affect me. For example, when I want to be supper productive, maybe studying, cleaning or organising my room, I tend to feel more energetic when it is bad weather. Maybe because as I feel there is no need to go out, I just focus more on the important things that I wouldn’t be able to do when it is sunny. When it is sunny, I am quite the opposite, I prefer to go out because staying at home makes me feel that I am wasting my day.

When it is raining for more than one day in a row, I unconsciously feel a sense of depression and negativity. What I tend to do to avoid the weather affecting my mood is try to make myself excited with the things I could do while I am at home, such as watching my favourite series or movies, draw, complete assignments… Also, I tend to think that it is always good to have these changes of weather because I personally get tired of having the same weather all the time without any change. Depending on the weather, I wear different clothes, do different activities, or even travel to different places. In summer I like to travel to summery places and in winter I really like to travel to very cold places.

Below there is a video explaining how our body reacts to different weather climates and it highlights and explains what the Seasonal Affective Disorder is.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read my blog and I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy.

“I’ve always loved the idea of summer, and sun, and all things hot.”- Olaf, Walt Disney.


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