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The Power of Smells

The Power of Smells

Hello, hello, hello, everyone!!!

I hope you are all good and looking forward to summer. I understand that it’s still unknown what’s going to happen, however, I have faith that we will be able to enjoy a decent summer. I am still in the process of checking for flights to go home. I can’t wait!!!!

This week I wanted to speak about the power smells have, that they make us travel within a split second to our memories. I find this topic very interesting as I have been spending quite a long time away from home, and each time the breeze brings me a familiar smell it takes me to those memories of home.

It’s quite interesting that we all experience this, but have we ever tried to understand how does a smell control our brain?

Having this sense of smell is essential as it not only allows us to acknowledge if the milk is bad or if we are getting a cold. It gives us the power to bring us those memories from when we were small. I tend to remember my father a lot when I smell coffee as every day after lunch, my mum prepares him a cup of coffee. I don’t like coffee but I must say I love the smell because of the memory. Also, I love the smell of my clothes, it reminds me of home even though I have washed it a million times, but it stills smells the same – I wonder why?

There are some studies that further shows the importance of smell.

I never stopped to think the importance of smell. I mast say I find it very interesting and fascinating. I am a person who likes to smell everything, especially food before eating it. What I like the most to smell is my pencil case or books. It just brings me so many memories from school.

I hope you like reading my post and I hope you all keep well and safe.

“I don’t know why, but overall it just smells like the colour brown.”- Tangled, Walt Disney.


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