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The Big Move In

The Big Move In

Hello, hello, hello, everyone!!! How are you today? I feel very excited and happy about my new apartment.

Today as you may have read in the title, I want to speak about what it has been like moving all my things from one place to another. I will be speaking about my expectations when choosing my ideal apartment versus the reality.  And also, I will tell you all about my day to day life in the new apartment.

For some time, I had already been thinking of moving in with my boyfriend as we are in a very stable point and we both wanted to take a step further. The situation that we are all living in just gave us the push we needed to be able to search, find and select the ideal place for us.

When we started to search, we had a list of things that we didn’t and did want.

Things that we wanted:

  • Floor
  • Good natural light entering
  • The ability to open the windows
  • Walking distance to university and to Broad Street

Things that we didn’t want:

  • Carpets
  • Far away from UNI
  • Poor ventilation access

Creating this list allowed us to easily decide between a number of apartments within the area that we wanted and ticked all the boxes. Afterwards we created a list of the ones that convinced us the most in terms of prices, things that they offered and location, which then helped us a lot to have a clear picture of the ones we really wanted.

And finally, we decided which one by applying for a viewing of the flat. We preferred a flat to a house because normally most apartments are closer to Broad Street and university.

I have experienced lots of positive memories in the University College Birmingham accommodation, meeting people from different parts of the world and enjoying the activities in the common area. And this was a hard decision to make as I have been staying in the accommodation for the past two years. But it’s always good to live new adventures and experience different things.

Moving things from the accommodation to my new apartment was a nightmare. I didn’t know that moving things round would be so exhausting but at the same time gratifying. I couldn’t believe I did it all in one day when last year it took me a week to pack everything. In that sense I am very happy and proud of myself that I managed to do that.

While cleaning and organising things, I was also ordering things that I needed (e.g. duvet, pillows, pans, etc.). When ordering, I chose to buy through Amazon and I managed to find very good promotions.

I finally managed to have everything under control, and I am very happy with my new experience. We both are! I always said that I wanted to live my UNI experience on my own, however life is so unpredictable that the best thing is just to let yourself flow and it will definitely surprise you.


You will find a video bellow  of my apartment. I hope you enjoy it.

Take care.

“Because when I look at you, I can feel it. And I look at you and I’m home.” — Dory, Finding Nemo, Walt Disney.


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