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My Summer Plan

My Summer Plan

Hello, hello, hello, everyone!!! How are you today?

Today I would like to share my summer plan with you all.

Now that everything is coming bit by bit back to normality, I am starting to plan my summer. I don’t know about you, but I still feel worried about going out. It just feels strange outside. However, things are getting better and that is amazing especially now that it’s summer. Do you have any holidays planned?

I finally booked my flights for August to finally be able to hug my family after so many months. Although I might be able to go sooner, I wanted to have a date and time that I would be able to travel for sure.

I am counting the days, to go to the beach, enjoy the nice sunny weather, go for boat rides with my family, enjoy the Mediterranean food and the parties. I close my eyes and it feels like I am already there, spending time with my family and friends.

During the summer, I have decided to work in the Admissions office at University College Birmingham. I will be starting very soon. I am very excited about this learning adventure and I can’t wait to strengthen my skills even further.

The situation is very different to what it would be normally. Getting used to wearing face masks, disinfecting everything constantly and the distance measures are something that we all need to get used to and it’s become our new reality.

It seems quite far from when everyone was able to hug in the middle of the streets, or shake hands in the office, or even go out for a drink. I wonder how or when the day will come that everything will be as it was before. Or if there would be any changes that will improve our way of living?

Although I am still quite far from my family, I am very grateful that my family and all the people I love are healthy and safe.

“When life gets rough, I like to hold onto my dreams of relaxing in the summer sun, just letting off steam.”- Olaf, Frozen, Walt Disney.


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