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Recruitment In A Global Pandemic

Recruitment In A Global Pandemic

Hey everyone. How are you all doing?

Today I wanted to talk about recruitment after this global pandemic, because the truth is none of us know what it might look like when things return anywhere close to ‘normal’ as we know it.

If you’re a final year student, as I am, you might be feeling an overwhelming sense of anxiety and uncertainty when considering your potential employment prospects, and this isn’t helped by the current unemployment figures on the rise.

A lot of students are in the same boat. Were you feeling confident about your employment prospects after graduating this year? Have you had interviews cancelled or rescheduled to online/video calls? Not hearing from potential employers after making several job applications? Sounds like a nightmare and for many of us, our current reality is that we’ll be graduating into a global recession. The shoe might be on the other foot and you’re reconsidering postgraduate study?

These things are all common concerns among students – we’re all thinking about the impact of COVID-19 on our current and future plans.

Graduate recruiters, large organisations, small companies and graduate routes like internships, placements and other work experience opportunities have been impacted by this global pandemic.

Staying focused is really important because some things are just out of our control.

So, what can you do if you’re facing what seems like an impossible situation?

Have a go at doing a Personal Development Plan (PDP). I’ve recently done one of these for my course and it’s a great way to think about skills that you already have, skills that you’d like to gain and how you might get them.

There are lots of tools, resources, courses, workshops and training opportunities online. During this pandemic, it’s a good idea to use this time to up-skill, build your knowledge and explore your options.

Upskilling has lots of benefits, it can improve your skills, increase employability, boost your confidence and productivity and helps you to retain some key skills that you might rely on when the job market recovers.  Upskilling also shows potential employers that you’re invested in your future and that speaks volumes to employers.

Be optimistic! If you’ve ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur, well, now could be a good time. It might seem like a bad time to make any moves towards building a business for yourself but you can at least use the time to think about what might be holding you back and start planning for your future.

The financial aspect of starting a business, especially during a pandemic, is a valid reason not to try but there may be services available that can eliminate the financial fears of starting a business.

Most importantly, don’t forget to look after your mental wellbeing. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned during this pandemic, it’s that everything depends on mental wellbeing. Our self-esteem, self-image, confidence, ability to stay active and care for ourselves and those around us – all factors affected by our state of mental health. Be kind to your mind!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend.


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