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First Week Back in Tenerife

First Week Back in Tenerife

Hello again!

I have finally come back to Tenerife on another work placement and this time I am here for 2 months! I have already completed my first week and in this blog, I will tell you all about it.

Land-based Research

Since the coronavirus pandemic put the world in lockdown, the whale watching boats haven’t been running so the coordinators here decided to set up some land-based research. This involves us taking a telescope and binoculars to a viewpoint, some involve a little hike before we get there but they’re always worth it. 🙂 There are usually 3 of us to carry out this research. One person will scan the ocean with the binoculars, one person will write down details such as time, cloud cover, wind direction and the number of boats in the sea, and the final person will focus on specific sightings with the telescope and take photos of the whales or dolphins.

Roque del Conde

One morning we were feeling spontaneous and decided to climb Roque del Conde! I set my alarm for 4am and we started the hike at 5am. We had to go so early as during the daytime it is way too hot. We took torches for the hike on the way up and on the way back down it was daylight. There was a stunning sunrise at the top… definitely worth it!


Poor dolphin

The Saturday before I arrived, my friend found a dolphin in Puerto Colon, and he is still here now! It’s sad to see that he isn’t out at sea with his dolphin pod but we think he might have gotten into a fight with another male, then got banished from his family. He has a lot of scratches on his body and keeps rubbing himself up against ropes to try and heal them.

We tried to identify the dolphin with our database (we have collected data over the years and have named as many as we can). With this database, it allows us to track the migratory species, resident species, follow their routes and keep them safe. Unfortunately, it’s illegal to swim with dolphins in the wild so we aren’t allowed to go in the sea and help the dolphin, which really breaks our hearts and makes us feel helpless. I just hope he gains strength, goes back out to sea and creates his own new pod.

Sunset swim

One of the best experiences here is to go down to the beach in the evening to watch the sunset and eat dinner. The water is still lovely and warm so it really is the best feeling 🙂


Plastic workshop

The Fair Earth Foundation is all about sustainability and saving the planet. One of the topics we cover is plastic pollution so we had a workshop where this lady showed us how to recycle plastic bottles and make them into flowers. I am going to use this creative art to teach children about plastic pollution. Teaching and educating children on topics is going to be my project and I will write more about this in a future blog!

Thanks for reading!

Charley x

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