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Top 10 Board Games

Top 10 Board Games

Hello, hello, hello, everyone!!! How are you??? I hope your summer is going well.

This week I would like to highlight 10 top board games that I really like. I really enjoy playing board games with family and friends. It’s something that never gets out of style and also, apart from keeping us entertained, they allow us to spend quality time with our loved ones having a bit of fun.
The top ten board games that I am going to speak about are very old games but that never go out of style, and I think they are always top ten:

1. Parchis/Parcheesi/Ludo – This game, according to the internet, is a Spanish game and was often played in Spain as well as in Morocco. It’s a very popular game and now you can find it even online and it allows you to play against strangers. However, the physical board game has something special that you won’t get in other ways.

2. Game of the Goose – This game tends to come on the reverse side of the Parchis game. It’s another game that I always enjoy to play and it’s very quick.

3. UNO Cards – I have so many memories on the beach playing with my cousins. It’s a very quick, fun and simple game which is definitely one of my top ten.

4. Monopoly – This one, although not extremely old, is another board game that has become a classic. Although it normally takes a long time, I love it. It is a very competitive and fun game. Now you can even find Monopoly Cards that take 15 minutes or even less to finish the game, and they are as good or even better than the board game!

5. Who is Who – This one is also one of my favourite games. I remember I used to love playing this game. It is very simple and fun.

6. Battleship – This is a classic game that is drawn on paper, however you can also find it as a board game to make it easier.

7. 4 or 3 in a Row – This one is a big one in the common area of The Maltings and it’s a very entertaining game.

8. Snakes and Ladders – I remember I used to play loads in school. It is quite similar to the Game of the Goose.

9. Operation – I remember I got this one for Christmas when I was small, and I used to enjoy the buzz sound a lot. It was very exciting to play this game and it made you so nervous and shaky.

10. Draughts – I loved this game and I used to play pretending it was chess as I never quite got how to play that. This one is much easier!


I hope you’ve enjoy reading and I have managed to bring some memories of your childhood to mind. Take care.

“The sky’s awake, so I’m awake, so we have to play!” – Anna, Frozen, Walt Disney. 


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