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Lockdown Lessons To Live By

Lockdown Lessons To Live By

Hey everyone. How are you doing? Enjoying the summer sun?

Anyway, I’ll just jump straight into what I wanted to talk about today which is about lessons that we’ve learned from the lockdown that we can live by. Sadly, this is my final post so I wanted to leave you with something positive.

For many of us, it will take a while to adjust to this ‘new normal’ that I talked about a few posts ago, and that’s just because we’ve been so used to doing things one way – having a new set of rules takes time to adjust to!

So, lockdown lessons all depend on your experience. A lot of people had no other option but to work from home as the message ‘stay home, stay safe’ played on repeat over the media day in, day out like a broken record. For some, staying home and balancing everything from family, to work, to social time etc, was not ideal any more than managing distractions and adapting to a new routine.

I think one thing that we can all agree on is that the lockdown gave everyone the opportunity to reflect and learn what should take priority post-lockdown. With all of its highs and lows, the lockdown was in some ways a good lesson for life. I don’t want to ignore the negative impact that it maybe had on us, as well as some of our nearest and dearest, because it was a really difficult time.

Here are some of my final lockdown lessons to live by:

Make time for family and friends

Before the lockdown, it seemed that everyone was struggling to keep up with the pace of life and the most common response to the question “how’ve you been?” was usually “just busy” (at least in my experiences).

During the lockdown, people missed the presence of other people and became so desperate to ‘connect’ via video call apps (read my top 3 video call apps post here).

Some of us made a real effort to speak to people in our communities and our neighbours which was a real demonstration of unity at a difficult time. Not to mention rainbow pictures that children displayed in their windows and clapping for the NHS and key workers every Thursday – just letting people know that they’re appreciated and making time for others can make a big difference.


With everyone in lockdown, it was the perfect time to practise self-care, and taking care of our own wellbeing is one essential practice that I’ll continue post-lockdown. Walking, reading, learning a new skill, doing hair, nails and make-up (even if you weren’t going anywhere) and just enjoying being you is great self-care.

Get creative!

During the lockdown, I organised a virtual disco for some of the children in the family, we did loads of arts and crafts, celebrated quarantine-style birthdays with cakes and quizzes and had lots of fun cooking and baking.

One thing that the lockdown has proved to me is that you don’t have to go overboard to make any celebration meaningful. So this is one of those things that I’ll keep up!

Keep building and working towards your plans

Whether it’s academic, family-orientated, financial or other, it’s important to self-evaluate and stay on track, working towards your plans. Setting yourself goals and taking every day one step at a time to build is a good strategy to long-term and short-term planning.

Save money

Staying home would’ve hopefully given many of us the opportunity to save money. There were lots of pictures floating around on social media of men with quarantine hair, beards and moustaches and ladies alike, desperate for a trip to the hairdressers. Don’t get me wrong, I know when we’re groomed and taking care of ourselves, it does wonders for our self-esteem and self-confidence, but the bottom line is there is more to life than keeping up appearances, isn’t there?!

With more people taking the time to exercise outdoors and scouting the internet for fun workout videos to literally live by, gym memberships maybe don’t seem like as much of a necessity either.

Quick visits to the supermarket for necessities was all that anyone could do for a long time and it became the norm and definitely saved petrol money, cut down on insurance and tax (for those that SORNed their vehicles).

Ordering my grocery shopping online just took some of the stress out of the whole shopping experience (which I’d normally try and tackle, with my children) and it was free delivery for shopping over a certain amount.

Being able to save money during lockdown has given me a fresh perspective so I’ll be thinking carefully about my spending habits post-lockdown.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Thanks very much for your support.

Have a great weekend and take care.



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