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My five top tips for planning an assignment

My five top tips for planning an assignment

It’s that time of year again… assignment season!

We’ve all been there, should I start these 6 assignments now? Orrrrrr… the night before the deadlines? I’ve now learned that leaving it until the night before just isn’t worth the stress!

I have gathered my top 5 tips to help achieve deadlines and get the grade that you deserve.

  • Understanding the topic of discussion. There have been far too many times that I have started writing an assignment and then halfway through I’ve said to myself “wait… what am I even talking about?” But sitting down and really getting to the bottom of what you’re discussing is so useful. This could either be a really easy task, or a task that might take a couple of days to get your head around. Either way, it’s an important job before you start writing.


  • Using charts and diagrams. This came as a surprise to me but charts and diagrams can aid you in time management but also makes things easier to understand. I think it always helps to colour code things and highlight things. Another benefit – it makes your notes look very pretty 🙂



  • Proofreading. I usually find that if I manage to get an assignment written and completed a few days before a deadline, I like to take a few days away from it to give my mind a break from that topic and come back to it. This allows you to have a break but also once you come to proofreading, you might come across different mistakes. Getting someone else to proofread your work is good too, as they are more likely to pick up on punctuation and grammar.


  • Research. I have to admit, I have left research to the last minute. It’s now the first job I start with before the assignment. University College Birmingham has so many great facilities that you can use including CASE, who will help you with the layout of your work and how you can improve certain parts. I’ve had many appointments with CASE and every time my assignments have thanked me for it! Also, the library, which has now moved to The Link, is a great place to grab all the books you need! There are some lovely quiet spots in the new library to take some time to research too. 🙂
  • Knowing the deadline date. This may sound like a silly idea, but the assignments soon pile up and when they do, it can be quite difficult to get your head around which one needs to be handed in first and last. I’d definitely recommend creating a timetable of what assignments are due when. This proves helpful when you have to pick which assignment to start with!

Any other tips will be gratefully received, especially now I’m coming into my final year of university!

See you next week,

Millie 🙂

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