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Valuing your mental health in the middle of a pandemic

Valuing your mental health in the middle of a pandemic

Hey guys! On this week’s post I would like to talk about a sensitive topic that in my opinion has been affecting everyone to a certain degree in the past few months: mental health.

As all of you know, we are facing rough times and sometimes it may seem hard to find a light at the end of the tunnel. We all miss the way the world used to be and not knowing if it will ever go back to normal might be a trigger for many of us. Therefore, I want to share a piece of advice that will hopefully help you if you are currently struggling with your mental health.

Mental health has been talked about more than ever in the past years, however I think it still does not get the attention it should get. Sometimes we just need a day for ourselves, to get our ideas in order for whatever reason it might be, due to a job you don’t like doing or a course you are on and that you do not thoroughly enjoy. And all I want you to know is that everything will be okay. We are young, we have our whole lives ahead of us and plenty of time to find something you take pride and pleasure in doing. It might take some time but eventually what’s yours will come! That’s the mindset I have and it really helps me whenever I feel down, I always try to remember that it is all temporary and in the future I’ll be at a better place.

Some people I know have described this pandemic as a ‘blessing in disguise’ since they organised their time differently from many of us… If there’s one thing this lockdown has brought us, it’s time, and a lot of it! So it was a perfect opportunity to get your mind in the right place and think about where you want to be in life.

You want to learn a new language? Why not do it? You want to get healthier and achieve your dream body? Why not download a fitness app, and trust me there are loads of them! That’s one of the things that helped me the most during lockdown, finally putting ideas I had in my mind for a long time into practice. And it really helped me a lot whenever I felt depressed because I couldn’t go out, enjoy a drink with my friends and all of that. Remember it is always about the way you think about things – if you try to look at the bright side of certain things, you will eventually feel much happier about several situations even though in the moment it may look like hell.

Nevertheless, I do understand that not everyone is able to get out of that dark cloud. And with that in mind, my best advice would be to talk to someone who is going to be able to just listen to you and help you overcome your problems. If you ever need someone to talk to, University College Birmingham has a dedicated team of mental health advisers you can turn to. And if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone from the University, Forward Thinking Birmingham is the city’s mental health association for 0-25 year olds, and all you have to do is fill in an online form and they’ll get back to you.

And before I forget! Always remember that everything will get better and that you can do it!!!


See you next week you lovely lot xx



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