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COVID-19: Be responsible and do the right thing

COVID-19: Be responsible and do the right thing

Hey guys! Welcome back to another post by me!

So this week has been crazyyy! I recently found out that I got the most feared virus of the moment and I’m currently self-isolating in order to prevent it spreading.

I know a lot of people are curious to know how it feels having this virus and what the recovery process is like, so I wanted to share my story! FYI my experience can be different from yours and from many people, but thankfully my symptoms thus far have been really mild.

My story dates back to last Thursday, I was casually walking to work when I started coughing a bit, but you know what it’s like sometimes – we do get a cough, it’s something normal so I just carried on with my day. On Saturday my cough got worse, but I still thought I was okay, my body temperature was normal and I was still energetic enough to continue with my normal day activities.

However, on Sunday when I woke up I was feeling really tired, like I hadn’t slept for days. My body temperature was a bit higher than normal and the damn cough was still in there, so I decided to go and get tested. At this point, I’m not going to lie, I kind of knew I had the virus. I know my body and I know I never really get a high temperature, so I was already expecting a positive result.

On Monday morning my “fear” was confirmed… I tested positive for COVID-19.

I was obviously feeling a bit scared but I pulled myself together and sent an email to my now previous workplace saying that I wouldn’t be able to work this week since I got the virus, and after that I informed everyone I could think I was in contact with in the past week, to self-isolate and get tested.

The funny bit is my worst day was on Sunday and it wasn’t even that bad since I could still do all my normal activities, and from Monday onwards I was already feeling 100%! I’m now still recovering and have to be at home until Saturday, but I feel really blessed for not having been through the worse side of this virus.

If you get the virus please stay hydrated (I’m now drinking 3L of water a day), eat lots of fruit, and take some vitamins. It worked for me and hopefully will work for you too! And remember if you get a notification saying you have been exposed, please SELF-ISOLATE!

a little pic of sick me hahah

Be back next week with another post!

Alex xx

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