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Need company in lockdown?

Need company in lockdown?

Hello again!

I am currently in Tenerife doing volunteer work for The Fair Earth Foundation, and one of my activities is to do dog walking at the local rescue centre called K9. They have so many lovely dogs and cats that need a home and this is the perfect time to adopt one!

I know that this pandemic lockdown has stopped a lot of people from being occupied and unfortunately this can lead to poor mental health. Getting a pet will give you lovely company and something to occupy yourself with in lockdown. There are of course a lot of things to take into consideration before adopting an animal such as:

  • Can I afford potential vet bills?
  • Can I afford to feed it?
  • Will I be here to look after it even after lockdown?
  • If it’s a dog, will I be able to walk it every day as many times as it needs?
  • Am I prepared to train the animal and have patience if it’s a kitten or puppy?

K9 Tenerife

The below photos are of the animals I have looked after during my volunteer work. I really wanted to take the cat home with me but it was reserved for somebody else which I was very upset about haha. I am glad she is being adopted though! Why pay for a pet from a breeder when there are so many animals at the rescue centre already waiting for a home and to be loved?!


Rescue shelters near you

If you live near Birmingham, there are the following nearby rescue centres:

If you don’t live near Birmingham, just Google search for your local rescue centre – there is bound to be one!

Is it right for you?

If adopting an animal isn’t right for you, it is still important to keep yourself occupied. For example you could:

  • Video call your family and friends
  • Go for a walk every day
  • Try new exercise videos
  • Play video games
  • Work online
  • Find a new hobby such as painting, photography, gardening

I hope this helps you feel a bit better during lockdown. If you feel like you are struggling with mental health, please read my previous blog here!

Thanks for reading!

Charley x

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