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Christmas gifts on a budget? I got you

Christmas gifts on a budget? I got you

Hey guys!!! Welcome back to a new post!

As we all know Christmas time is coming. It is a wonderful time of the year full of joy, family time, good vibes, and very importantly gifts! Those Christmas gifts we all loved to receive as kids (I still love them btw). If you like me love Christmas, but are on a bit of a budget this year and worry you won’t be able to give any nice gifts, do not worry! I have compiled a few ideas for cheap gifts to offer to your loved ones this year.

Firstly it’s very important that you match the gift with the person. No one likes getting something that they’re not going to use! So when you think about the person, think about them as a whole… their personality and what you think they are going to need. A good example I can come up with now: let’s say the person for whom the gift is intended has a dog and you know the dog doesn’t have a lot of toys, you could pop into B&M and get some pet toys. This is just a small example you can adapt to any situation.

Free Gifts

Here at University College Birmingham, we are diverse and are studying courses which allow us to develop new skills or improve skills we already have. Let’s say if you study hair and media make-up, why not offer a free makeover? It’s always nice as a treat and everyone loves a good makeover! Or if you study culinary arts, you could think about a dish and prepare it as if you were serving it in a nice restaurant.

Food Gifts

Everyone loves food… some more than others, however it’s always nice and most importantly (and relevant to this post), it’s inexpensive! You could bake some Christmas cookies and put them in a jar, or give out some chocolate such as Ferrero Rocher. Or if you have Unidays, just buy someone a meal for half price!

Bath and Spa Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good spa treat??? If you are able to spend a bit more, you could look online for some vouchers and offer a spa experience with a massage, sometimes some good bargains come up and it’s always nice to spend a day in the spa (personal experience lol), you can never go wrong with this one. On the other hand if you cannot afford a spa voucher, why not buy some bath salts? The best place for these items is Lush, however Primark also does the job.

Family Gifts

Thinking about something to give to your own family? This one can be tricky but if you are a good photographer and like to capture everyone at their worst moments, you could create a family album with funny pictures (to escape the boredom and ordinariness of just regular photos), or even better make a home-made video with unforgettable moments you have all been through over the last years.

Hope you all enjoyed my ideas and start working on getting that Christmas list all ticked!

I’ll be back next week with a new post. x

Alex x

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