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Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues

What a crazy year it has been… if any of you are anything like me, you will really be missing and craving holidays. It has been very difficult to book holidays and make plans for this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions. 🙁

I was lucky enough last year to cram visits to 3 different countries in the space of one week. I went to Dubrovnik, Croatia, with my lovely boyfriend, Mitch. The first day we got there we went a bit crazy and booked 2 separate day trips – we didn’t realise how much money we spent on these until we converted the kuna into pounds… oh jeez, lol! The price didn’t seem so bad after we had a few cocktails!

Croatia was absolutely gorgeous and it’s a holiday we’ll remember forever. We stayed in a beautiful hotel too with a beautiful view.

Writing this blog is just making me want to go on holiday and isn’t really helping with the holiday blues, but trust me – reminiscing on past holidays does make you wish you were back there, but also makes you extremely happy thinking about your memories of that holiday and gets you thinking about where to go next as soon as we can. 🙂

So our first trip while in Croatia was to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I didn’t know anything about this country at all, but Mitch and I both thought if we didn’t go on this day trip we’d never experience the country otherwise, so off we went in the early hours for a new adventure. It did take a few hours to get there on the coach, we left the borders of Croatia and entered Bosnia then went back in and came back out – this happened around 4 times each way lol. Learning about the history of this outstanding country really was breathtaking and a once in a lifetime opportunity! Including Kravice waterfalls, which were absolutely surreal!

LOOK AT IT *heart eyes*

While in Dubrovnik, we explored the Old Town, local restaurants, the pools, the beaches and the views. It really was the refreshing of the batteries that we needed, 100%.

We took a trip to Montenegro too, which again for us was too good an opportunity to pass up. Oh, my life… this place, views for daaaays!

While in Bosnia we did a lot of walking, weaving our way through the markets and over the bridges. However, in Montenegro we still did a fair bit of walking, but also had a boat trip to a little island called Our Lady of the Rocks. After this little tour, we let loose in the town of Kotor – the town of the cats!!!! Amazing! We did have a couple of drinks in Kotor… boy, do they make them strong over there.

This holiday was amazing and one I will remember forever! I always find when I have holiday blues that if I look back at holiday pictures, it reminds me of the cracking memories and makes me look forward to any future trips (post lockdown times)!

Let me know your favourite holiday destination!

See you next week,

Millie 🙂

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