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The power of music

The power of music

Hello again!

When was the last time you listened to some music? Have you ever noticed how your mood changes depending on which type of music you are listening to? Or noticed how people get captivated when watching people sing opera?

Music has always been in my life and I listen to it every single day… without fail! I don’t think there has ever been a day that I haven’t listened to music, it is something I naturally do.


I really find it amazing how much power music has. It was recently on the news that ballerina Marta C Gonzalez listened to the music of Swan Lake and she started dancing to it just how she used to when she was a professional ballerina. Unfortunately, she was suffering from Alzheimer’s but it is absolutely miraculous how she was instantly moved by the music and she was able to remember all of the dance moves despite being emotional. You can watch this moving video here!

The video of an ex-ballerina, suffering from Alzheimer's, moves Internet users - Teller Report

The Healing Power of Music

Robin Spielberg has such a beautiful story of how music changed her daughter’s life for the better. Her daughter was premature and didn’t meet the weight requirement for doctors to practice life-saving procedures on her… but luckily a very kind nurse put her thumb on the scales when weighing her just so that she could meet the weight criteria. While in the hospital, Robin decided to play music for her daughter as she has always felt that music is a gift. As the music was playing her daughter’s blood pressure stabilized, her oxygen levels increased and her heart began to gain a better rhythm. This was noticed as a pattern throughout the whole 4 months at the hospital… every time music played, her health got better!

Music therapy has been studied by many, and evidence has shown that neurologic function can be enhanced with music. This means people with brain injuries, people with autism, learning difficulties and people with depression, anxiety and even dementia can all feel and perform better in life when they listen to music!

What is Going on Inside the Brain When We Listen to Music? - New World : Artificial Intelligence


Your mental and physical health

Listening to music not only keeps you physically active when encouraging you to dance, but it is also good for your mental health.

Whenever I struggle to find motivation, whether it’s getting out of bed in the morning, doing the housework or cooking, I always put music on – something lively which makes me feel happier and encourages me to move around!

When I was at primary school I used to play the violin and piano. Sadly I lost touch with this passion when I went to high school and as I chose my option subjects, playing instruments gradually disappeared from my life. However, I have recently realised my passion again and have taken an interest in playing the piano again. I can honestly say it has really improved my mental health and has also relieved anxiety in some way. Learning the lyrics to a rap or a song also helps relieve my anxiety as it distracts my mind and singing comes to feel like a relief. If you had a passion for playing an instrument when you were younger, do you still play? How does it make you feel?

I hope this has encouraged you to listen to music and choose the right songs in order to help you get through any situation!

Thanks for reading 

Charley x

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