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My 30 by 30!

My 30 by 30!

Hi everyone, hope you had a nice weekend!

This week I thought I would share some of my goals I want to achieve by the time I’m 30.

I am currently working as an account manager for one of the most successful sales and marketing companies in Birmingham. And a lot of what we do is focused on self-development where we are also encouraged to dream and think BIG! So, my leader gave me the task of writing down 100 things I’d like to do, achieve, or get in life. It’s like a bucket list let’s say!

So today I am going to share the 30 goals I’d like to achieve by the time I’m 30. Feel free to put some of your goals in the comment section and let me know your goals in life!!! Sharing your goals makes you accountable to them, thus you’re more likely to be determined and take control of actually achieving them.

Here it goes then:

  1. Open up multiple offices in the UK and abroad
  2. Visit 50 countries in the world
  3. Save at least £20,000
  4. Invest in properties
  5. Learn Spanish (fluently!)
  6. Teach English to children in Africa for at least 3 months
  7. Complete a diving course
  8. Learn how to drive a boat
  9. Fly first class
  10. Pet a kangaroo
  11. Visit Machu Picchu
  12. Learn how to surf
  13. Climb a volcano
  14. Go to the airport and buy a ticket for the first departing flight, destination UNKNOWN
  15.  Go on a cruise
  16. Hike the West Highland Way
  17. Move to New Zealand for at least a year
  18. Buy a house by the beach!
  19. Go sailing for a week
  20. Swim with sharks!
  21. Buy a professional camera and learn photography
  22. Have my own travel blog
  23. Help my family move to a different country
  24. Fly in a hot-air balloon in Cappadocia
  25. Travel in a van for a month
  26. Busking on the streets (That’s a strange one, I know!)
  27. Buy a piano
  28. Buy my mum a new car
  29. Grow my own vegetables and fruits
  30. Learn to live in the moment

These are my 30 by 30!!! Hope you got some inspiration for your goals, and hopefully, this will make you think, act and dream bigger!

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Thank you for reading, until next week! x


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