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Holiday Planning in 2021

Holiday Planning in 2021

Hello everyone! I trust you are all keeping safe and busy during this lockdown x

I was trying to think about something interesting to write for the blog this week, when the word holidays came up in my mind, and so I thought why not write about holiday planning in 2021 – btw my course is tourism related so you are in good hands hahah.

As we all know 2021 is a huge year – two vaccines have been approved and deemed safe and are now rolling out, and I’m sure most of us will want a nice little holiday as soon as lockdown is over and restrictions start to slowly ease up. However we cannot forget most countries still have heavy restrictions so careful holiday planning during Covid is essential, to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

The first thing you should do is obviously choose a destination and visit the Foreign Travel Advice website to keep up to date with the country’s restrictions and whether or not you will be able to travel to that destination. This website is provided by our government and one of the reasons why I consider it so good is because it provides you with the latest information from 226 different countries regarding safety and security, coronavirus, entry requirements and travel warnings. So be sure to visit it to avoid disappointments!

So now you have chosen your destination and you know it’s safe to travel to, what’s next? Well try to enjoy it to the fullest! We have been facing tough times and it’s good to get a sense of normality.

I have been in Portugal for the past week (I was allowed since I’m a citizen) however I DO NOT recommend any of you should travel during lockdown, since the situation is rapidly changing, flights are being cancelled, and the UK is banning arrivals from some countries. Just a little heads up so you know what you may face if you decide to travel during this lockdown (you may not be able to come back home).

See you next week!

Alex x

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