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My week got out of hand

My week got out of hand

I had planned to write this week’s blog about something food related. However, this week had different ideas.

In lockdown I’ve been going for runs every other day or so. Usually I do between 5 and 10k depending on how I’m feeling – I just pick a good playlist, get out into the freezing cold and get through it. Usually I find it gives me a bit of a lift and cheers me up. This week however it wasn’t so great.

Somehow when turning a corner on a bridge over the canal I managed to slip and fall quite badly. I was so embarrassed at first, thankfully I thought no one had seen me, I picked myself up and turned back to walk home. I was hurting everywhere but my hand felt particularly bad, but I just ignored it and made my way home. I got home and crawled into my bed, I made a coffee avoiding my right hand which was not feeling great. Using my first aid knowledge from falling over in Year 4 during lunch, I knew to put a wet paper towel on my hand with a bag of frozen peas, surely this fixes everything?

A while later I talked to my housemate Eve who gave me a bandage and said I ought to call 111. I felt like that seemed a bit extreme, it hurt a lot but I was telling myself it was mainly just a bruised hand and I could probably ignore it. Next I rang my mum and after inspecting my now swollen hand more closely, I decided that maybe it was worth calling 111 just to be sure. After talking on the phone explaining what had happened, I was sent off to A&E to get it looked at.

I’d never been to a hospital except to visit people and I was quite nervous. When I got there at around 6:30 I explained to the person at the door what was wrong and they gave me a form to fill in. It was a bit embarrassing trying to write it out. My right hand was in a lot of pain so it was actually quite comical to see the words ‘hand injury’ written out like a toddler because I couldn’t hold the pen properly. After this I was helpfully told to wait in the waiting room, and it was 4 hours later that a member of staff finally called my name. Unfortunately the man at the door should have sent me to the x-ray people by the door straight away but hadn’t, so I had actually been waiting for nothing. The lady who called my name out told me how she was about to take me off the list and they were sorry for the mix-up. I was just grateful to finally be seen and even more grateful that I brought an Agatha Christie book with me as it had been so long.

It was probably around 11pm that I got my x-ray. I didn’t have to wait too long for a doctor to tell me that I had broken my hand, to which I said “ah, well that explains why it hurts” and then he sent me back into the waiting room. My phone had long died by this point so I had no idea of the time. I knew it had been a long while when I had finished the whole book – I knew that usually you had to be patient in these places but it really had been ages. Eventually the same lady who called my name for my X-ray was finishing her shift and noticed I was still there so asked me what I was waiting for, and I explained how the doctor said I needed to get my hand in plaster and told me to wait in the waiting room but it had been ages.

Shortly after another doctor called my name and then took me to get my hand put in plaster, he told me how he could have got this done ages ago but no one told him. I was there. It was past 1am at this point and I looked a state, still in my trackies from my run and eyes all bloodshot, plus the painkillers I took before coming to the hospital had long worn off. The doctor asked me “who did you punch?” I wasn’t really sure if he was joking, it was quite late and based off how I looked I guess he assumed. Well I explained how I actually did it 12 hours earlier on a run and he put me in a cast and in a sling and sent me home.

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself at this point, it was about 1.40am and raining and I couldn’t even close my jacket because I only had my left hand. With my phone out of charge, I walked home in the drizzle feeling relieved it had been sorted but exhausted from the whole thing. All in all I’ve had better days.

Getting used to one-armed living now though. I managed to write this whole blog with my left hand and it goes on for ages!

Stay safe and avoid slippery canal bridges, always take a phone charger and a book to A&E. Sometimes you gotta just get help for things even when you don’t want to, but it all works out in the end.


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