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Not being able to secure the next step in your career doesn’t mean you have to stop developing!

Not being able to secure the next step in your career doesn’t mean you have to stop developing!

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the snow!

I see a lot of people looking for their next opportunity, and in the current circumstances, with 100 interviews taken, double the number of actual applications sent… well it’s kind of normal to feel ‘stuck’!

While it’s a bit more difficult to develop ourselves professionally at the moment, it doesn’t mean this is where the development stops. We can always, and we are always, developing personally.

To be in a position where you want to be – whether that’s a manager, doctor, make-up artist, a great leader or an extraordinary chef – whatever progression you are looking for requires not only your skills level increasing, but also a lot of self-development and growth!

So I thought I would give you some advice and inspiration on how to develop yourself personally in these crazy times.

First things first: Start reading.

Yeah, I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes already and thinking ‘But we have enough stuff to read for uni, and I’m not even doing that, why should I start reading something extra then??’. Well, my friend, sorry to bring you the news, but the truth is that if you want to get anywhere in life you need knowledge. Knowledge is power. And to get the knowledge you need information. And to get the information you need to read.

So, if you are really passionate about your goals, then instead of excuses, start finding solutions and find a way to get information that works for you.

Reading is one of the greatest ways to get that information with hundreds and thousands of pieces of information being shrunk into 200 pages!!! The person who wrote that book took a lot of time and effort to put that information together, and now you’re saying you don’t have time/motivation to read that… well, think again.

If reading is not your thing, well, we live in the 21st century and I’m pretty sure most of you out there have either Spotify or Apple Music or whatever it is that you have. There are lots of podcasts and audiobooks that you can listen to on these platforms.

And the last thing is, use your social media in a way that benefits you. Too often we are bombarded with useless and quite often harmful information on social media platforms. Review your following list and add some inspirational, educational and motivational pages and personas to your list, and watch how your feed starts to work to your benefit!!!

That’s all for this week, folks. Take control of your life and your development. Because everything is within your power and your power is within you.

Thanks for reading!