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Lockdown Edition – Netflix and Chill!

Lockdown Edition – Netflix and Chill!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post! I hope lockdown has been treating you all well and that you’ve been able to do something productive with your time.

With all the assignment deadlines coming up, I’m sure we’ve all been running against time to just finish all these assignments (thank God for the 10 day extension), but today I want to talk about something not as counterproductive, but nevertheless something that we all enjoy. Netflix!

Sometimes it’s just good to relax and sit back on your sofa and watch something on your telly. What usually happens to me quite often is when I finish a show I never know what else to watch. And then I thought “why not write a post with my favourite shows and films?”, and that’s what I’ll be giving you today. I am quite diverse when it comes to what I like watching since I like a little bit of each genre, so I’m going to discuss 3 different shows and hopefully one will catch your attention and you already have something to entertain you this lockdown.

Sex Education

Personally this is one of my favourite shows on Netflix because it talks about many issues young adults and teenagers face. Despite being a dramatic comedy it approaches sensitive subjects such as parental abandonment, sexual abuse and different sexualities. Very educational and you might see some quite relatable content (at least I did).

American Horror Story

A classic American horror series! If you are a fan of horror I definitely recommend this series, there are nine seasons and each season there is a different story. What I really like about this show is that despite its dramatic nature a lot that is shown actually happens or happened in real life. Most seasons are available on Netflix btw 😛


Being part of the LGBT community myself, watching this show was a bit hard since it talks about the life of gay and trans black and Latinos in the late 80s and early 90s. It discusses discrimination, prejudice, the HIV pandemic, and how these wonderful people used to deal with it all, and fighting for their dreams in the New York ballroom scene. A must watch!

Be back next week with another post!


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