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Lockdown is so boring… NOT ANYMORE!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are well, and happy February!

With January being done, and with the UK being in lockdown, I took the opportunity to reflect back on this time last year when we were just about to go into the first long lockdown. Can’t believe it was almost a year ago! I remember when Boris Johnson announced the lockdown in March, I was sure it was going to last for only two weeks… only it didn’t!

This time last year, I took up a few new hobbies and I thought I could share them with you because more often than not, when speaking to different people, I hear them saying ‘it’s so boring being in lockdown’.

So one of the things I did last year was a course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

The reason I took up this course was that one of my great aspirations in life is to travel, but also to leave an impact and help local communities in the destination. So one of the ways I could achieve that is by teaching English in different parts of the world. The course was on sale at that time and it cost me around £130. I completed the course in 6 months, and now, I have a certificate which I can use to travel around the world, but also teach online in the times when we are not able to travel! It’s another way to generate some income as well, but most of all a great experience!

Another thing I did was, being involved in music all my life and having learned piano in music school when I was younger, I always wanted to play an instrument which I can carry with me on my travels as well (not so practical carrying a keyboard!!!)

So, I decided to buy and learn how to play the ukulele. I bought it off Amazon for only £30-40, and for that amount of money, it brought me so much joy!

I started learning how to play and sing by watching videos on YouTube, and what I found is that there are plenty of tutorials on there that helped me in my first few steps and learning the foundations.

Now, a year later, I play for my friends, for myself, and for my family. It’s a super upbeat instrument and anyone can learn how to play it, even little kids of 5 years old do it, so I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t!

Those are some things I started this time last year, and I saw them as an investment in myself. Maybe, this lockdown, you can do the same, and in a year’s time, it will be a story to tell and a few new skills to add to your list.

Hope you have a good week and thank you for reading!


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