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Student Finance for Migrant Workers

Student Finance for Migrant Workers

Hey everyone and welcome back to a new post!

This post is mostly directed to all EU students who are working and studying in the UK.  I only discovered Student Finance also awards the maintenance loan to EU students (if you work) on my second year – if I had known it before I would’ve applied sooner.

Unfortunately it is not advertised enough and it’s some extra money that could take some of your preoccupations away. But do not worry! You can still apply for this fund throughout your whole degree and I’m going to tell you how in this post. 🙂

Even if you are not working and have a family member working in the UK, you might be eligible!

To apply you must:

  • Be an EEA or Swiss citizen and have lived in the EEA or Switzerland for at least 3 years prior the start of your course.
  • Live in England on the first day of your course. (If your course starts in September, this would be 1 September, so you must have lived here on or before this day.)
  • Study a course that qualifies for Student Finance.
  • Be working or self-employed in the UK.
  • Be working enough to reasonably support yourself during your studies.

In addition you must fill the PN1 form. I’d advise you to talk with someone in the Finance department to make sure you fill the details correctly and to answer any queries, and provide Student Finance with payslips covering the last 3 months and a P60 (if you have one).

I would also recommend writing a short letter explaining your situation – you know, just to create some empathy hahaha, they can be quite demanding with the evidence they want, and not approve your application from what I’ve heard from other students. Nonetheless, let’s expect the best outcome.

So you already know if you think you fit the criteria, talk to an adviser at uni and send off that application!

See you next week!

Alex x

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