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Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

Ah it’s that time of year again, where restaurants charge an extra £20 on a set menu, the card shops turn red and all my coupled friends post soppy Instagram stories. I’m single for 14 February, and this hasn’t been the best year for dating – to misquote Ru Paul, ‘If you can’t leave your house, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?’

However, although I may not have a boyfriend or girlfriend to be nauseating with, I still have plans for Valentine’s…

This week was the deadline for my last assignment of semester one and it required me to extensively research M&S. During my studying I came across the site of something so beautiful I knew I had to not only find it, but also write a whole blog dedicated to it.

I present the absolute glory of… the M&S Love Sausage.

I began my pilgrimage to M&S but when I got there, I was horrified to find they were sold out. So determined to still cook this marvel, I set off to buy the necessary components from Morrisons. It was actually vey easy and much cheaper to do this.

All you need to do is take 4 sausages (I used Cumberland), then slice off the ends of the sausages and roll them so a little bit of the sausage meat is exposed at each end. Bend two of the sausages into semi circles and place the other two underneath to meet – this is your love heart shape. Press the exposed sausage meat together at the joins so the 4 individual sausages are conjoined.

After this you need to wrap the heart in streaky bacon. I used 8 rashers in total. I placed my rasher underneath each join and wrapped it around above and below to secure the join further.

By the end you should have a fully completed love sausage like this. I cooked mine at gas 6/ 180C and it took around 20 minutes. I was making a very romantic fry up so cooked a handful of plum tomatoes and a Portobello mushroom with some butter and garlic on the same tray.

I then served it with some beans and a fried egg and was dead chuffed with the final result.


Now I know what you are all thinking, ‘Where has this been my whole life?’, ‘Why is it so captivating?’, ‘Is there a vegan option?’. So I attempted a vegan friendly version and used vegan sausages (Tesco Wicked Kitchen Chorizo Style Bangers) – these were effective because they were still mouldable like pork sausages, though it wouldn’t work with Quorn sausages or anything part cooked. However I couldn’t wrap the vegan bacon around the heart that I made, so if you attempt this, just use the sausage on its own.

So now you all have the perfect solution to Valentine’s Day dinner when all the restaurants are still closed. I will be serving my romantic fry up alongside a bottle of the campest bottle of Morrisons own label wine I can find. Just for clarification, this is not a date plan, I just wanted to make it for myself! But four sausages and around eight rashers is a bit steep for one person to eat, so really I would say it’s designed for couples. However, I did manage to polish most of this one off in one go with some leftovers I used for a breakfast sarnie.

Hope you all have a great week and manage to keep doing little things like this to keep happy and motivated after all this time in isolation.


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